Thursday, November 8, 2012

Giving Thanks: Day 8

I am married to the most amazing man.  I don't know what to tell you, ladies.  We met and married at such a young age that by the world's standards this thing really shouldn't have worked out.  When people ask us how we have made it 30+ years, we just smile and say "Only by the grace of God!"  And it is the truth if ever we uttered one.

I was reminded last night that it is not just the big things that make him amazing, but the simple things sometimes mean even more.
  • Like watching him hook a fish on Sunday evening and then let Davin reel it in like he had caught it.
  • Or the way he played with the grandchildren Monday night at the restaurant.
  • Or him volunteering to do laundry on Tuesday evening as I made dinner.
  • Or last night when he saw the desperation on my face as I contemplated making dinner and (again, unasked) offered to go pick up something instead.
So today I am thankful for this man of mine -- My Hero!  I love you, babe.

Jim on the day he brought home his new truck!  Like a kid with a new toy.
PS.  For the sake of true authenticity, there are some days when we can barely speak to each other through the gritted teeth.  On those days, I would almost give him away. (And him, me.)  LOL! 

But I still love you, babe!

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Anonymous said...

Even though you say there are some days you can barely speak to each other, I wished mine and Allen's marriage was more like yours and Jim's.
You have a really great husband he has has a really great wife.