Sunday, May 12, 2013

Congratulations Jana!

Friday afternoon, after me and Memaw drove the southern border of Missouri, I set off to drive the northern border of Arkansas...from Pocahontas to Fayetteville via Highway 412,

It was a beautiful drive...and not nearly as twisty-turney as Highway 160 in Missouri. That was tough on this sea-level, flat land, freeway driving girl!

It was a four hour trip from Pocahontas to Fayetteville. But it was worth the trip to be here and share this special time with Rosa, Steve and Jana.

Congratulations, Jana! You did it! I can hardly wait to see what adventure awaits you. I know that your time at U of A is coming to a close, but life has just begun. You have worked hard to make it to where you are today. With a very bright future ahead of you, we wish you the best and send you out with lots of love. Woo Pig, Soiee!

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Anonymous said...

Congratuations Jana!!! I'm sure it meant a lot to them that you were able to make it.