Friday, May 10, 2013

Guardian Angels

Last Thursday night, Brian and his friend, Doug, headed off to visit KJ in San Marcos for the weekend. He packed a bag and I packed his Care Package for a fun free weekend with friends before finals this week.
It wasn't long before I heard Jim on the phone with him asking where he was. I thought his car had broken down again, as his last trip to San Marcos required a few delays and a stay at the mechanics when he returned home.
Jim walked into the bedroom and told me to hurry up and get dressed because Brian had been in a wreck just outside of Bryan. Being the fourth of five children, we have been in these situations enough to know that if they are calling us themselves before the police arrive, things aren't too terribly bad.
Though we were anxious to see with our eyes that he was okay, we didn't rush and hurry in an unsafe manner. It seemed to take FOREVER! But we finally made it to the scene. Someone had turned into on coming traffic and hit the boys head-on.
The police officer suggested that even though Brian had turned down the EMS's offer to take him to the hospital to check out his left leg...we might want to get it checked out. The farther we drove, the more he winced in pain. So, off to the ER we went.

Here he is lying in the hospital bed waiting for his x-ray.

He thought his "Fall Risk" bracelet was sort of funny since they made him walk to his room! It turned out to be soft tissue damage and nothing broken. Thank goodness.
His car had already been towed by the time we made it to the scene of the accident. Imagine our surprise when Doug texted this picture of the car from the tow yard the next day.

I had already told Brian that angels were watching over him and Doug for them to walk away from a head-on crash with just a few bruises. But when I saw this picture I told him that Good Lord Himself must have had his hand just inside that front quarter panel.
I am so thankful that those two boys (and the other driver) are okay!
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Anonymous said...

I didn't realize there was another person in the car. So very thankful that they are BOTH alright. I agree, God had a hand in their safety.