Thursday, May 9, 2013

Walking Slow And Looking Long

Last weekend, Jim and I spent most of the weekend down at the seventeen acres. While he was working...

...I was walking slow as I peered through the vines looking for the dark black berries.

They have just begun to ripen and we have lots of vines. It's our first year to notice them. I think because Jim hasn't bush-hogged the seventeen in a couple of years, they have had a chance to spread. (With the drought, there was not much growth down there.)

As I was picking the blackberries, I had flashbacks to childhood. I remembered going down to the creek bank with Grandma Fulton and picking berries. I could also hear her reminding us grandchildren over and over again to watch for snakes. (I was so intent on watching for snakes that I didn't pay any attention to the wasps until one got me on the leg!)

I had more than a few briars grab hold of me too. Which made me realize why Grandpa Fulton must have planted the thornless blackberries in his garden. I think he was tired of the prickles too!

After making a long lap around the trails, I took a break and sat looking over the water. The water in the pond is stained by the pine needles, but it was still a nice view.

Sunday afternoon I took the three cups of wild blackberries and made a blackberry cobbler for dinner. I need to pick them a few more times before the birds get them all. I would love to have some wild blackberry jelly!

Jim has been telling me lately that we need to slow down. I must say that I really did enjoy that weekend of just being...and taking what came at me. I certainly didn't go down there with the goal of picking blackberries. They were a pleasant surprise and I decided to just enjoy the slower pace...and the blackberry cobbler with Bluebell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream on top!

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! You take me back to a wonderful time in my life. I do miss grandma and grandpa. I've been thinking about them a lot lately.

The homeplace is just not the same anymore. Maybe your mom will let us dig up some of the plants from there to plant in our on yards.

Although there will always be a piece of them in our hearts and minds, it would be nice to look at a plant or vine and remember them.


Fonda said...

Rita, I plan to do just that!! Dig up some of the flowers that is. I want a little bit of 'childhood' to be just outside my door every day. Maybe we can do that this June while we are all together.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan. We will get with mom to see when we can dig them up without killing them. And we will watch for snakes AND wasps.