Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ladies Love Country Boys

Last Friday night we ventured into H-Town to see a concert.

Trace Adkins was performing at The Arena in southwest Houston. Jim and i have been watching him on All Star Celebrity Apprentice this season. He's been one of our favorites (though I haven't seen this past week's don't spoil it for me if he was kicked off or has gone rouge on me).

We had great seats...and, yes, my husband actually went to a concert. Not only did he go, but I think he had a really good time! It's a small venue so he didn't have to wait in lines or feel herded like cattle.

My favorite Trace Adkins song is 'Ladies Love Country Boys'...and this is why.

I do love my country boy!

(And I do remember riding in the middle of his pickup truck blaring Leonard Skynard, yelling 'turn it up'!)

Thanks for getting out of your comfort zone and giving it a try for me, Sweetheart.

Thanks also to dear friends who make any outing an epic party. Robin, Stacy, Kelley and Albert. It might not have been the evening I had envisioned (our limo shrunk to a SUV) but it was an evening to remember! Love you guys!

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