Monday, May 5, 2008

"When You Have Nothing To Say, Say Nothing."

At least that is what is quoting Charles Caleb Colton as saying. Maybe it is good advice to follow. I have had nothing to say over the last week, so I have said nothing at all. I still have nothing to say; yet here I am, lest you all begin to think I have disappeared.

Last week was a little busy around here. I spent Monday at the hospital with Casy and Debbie. It was a sobering day as we met with the surgeon for the first time. It looks like Casy's first surgery will be the middle of July and it will be very intense. The good news is that they expect to get all of the tumors in the two surgeries.

Tuesday was catch up day at work and Wednesday night the girls and I went to dinner and saw 'Baby Mama'. (A predictable ending, but it was funny none the less.) I especially enjoyed Romany Malco's portrayal of the doorman 'Oscar'. He was a delight to watch.

On Thursday Jim picked up two dirt bikes for him and the boys. I spent the evening watching Brian learn to ride his. My how things change with boys! We will soon have a dirt bike path worn around the edges of the property.

Friday I spent the day in a Sales and Tax Use seminar. Lots of information...which had my brain numb by the end of the day. It was a horrendous drive home -- 45 minutes from 610 to Barker Cypress. (And that doesn't even get me half the way home.) My saving grace was that it was a beautiful afternoon so I was able to put the top down and turn up the music for the parking lot traffic on 290.

Saturday afternoon Casy and Debbie came in from the hospital. His five day treatment was with a different chemo combination and went 'okay'. More nausea this time, but still the side effects have been minimal for him. That evening we roasted hot dogs over a fire in the back.

Sunday we had friends over for lunch to celebrate 'cuatro de Mayo' since we had to work on Cinco de Mayo. Jim finally found Will a dirt bike and picked it up as well.

Today it has poured down rain. Inches and inches. The back of the property is flooded. I cannot even see the ground. We needed it though. I don't think it has rained since I planted the azaleas early last month.

Now you know as much as I do! I guess I will get off of here and get on with the laundry. Jim and I were not able to get out for work this morning. It started really pouring after the boys got on the bus and just stopped about 30 minutes ago. It looks like I will be playing catch up at work again this week!

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Anonymous said...

Girl all I have to say this is not like you. Did the cat get your tongue? Hang in there...
Love you