Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grandmas Visit The City of Angels: Day 2 - Hooray For Hollywood

Friday morning we woke up EARLY, due to the time change and resting the night before. Since we had a little wait before our rental car arrived, we took our time eating breakfast and getting ready for the day.

Today was our day to sight see! First stop: Grauman's Chinese Theatre

It was so cool to wander around looking at the names etched in the concrete. The hand and foot prints of all the leading ladies looked so small! Judy Garland's seemed the smallest, but I figure she was probably a child when she made hers.

We saw signatures from Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart to Johnny Depp and Meryl Steep.

But, my favorite was this one:

My hand fit perfectly in Henry Fonda's impression.

Then I placed my hands in the cement right next to Marilyn!

(She looked so real it was a little spooky!)

After Grauman's we walked for blocks and blocks along Hollywood Boulevard just reading the names that line the Walk of Fame.

We picked up a few souvenirs and grabbed some nachos at The Green Room.

We had searched and searched for a certain star, but unable to find it after several hours, we headed back to the car. We found our note of the address and realized that we had walked the wrong direction and that our 'star' was only a block away.

So, we headed back out onto the boulevard to get our picture with this:
Since Robin and I had met John Stamos at the premiere of 'Bye, Bye Birdie' in New York last September...we just had to get our picture made with his star too! (Thanks for the idea, Brian!)

Next we headed into Beverly Hills and a cruise along Rodeo Drive.

We had dinner reservations at Mr. Chow for 9. So, after locating our restaurant, we headed back to Santa Monica to dress for the evening.

We had a lovely dinner at Mr. Chow. We might not have spotted any celebrities, but I got to see Robin do the unthinkable. She let the Maitre' D choose our menu for the evening. They always pick at me because I ask the waiter to bring me the specialty of the house. Well, let's just say this time it was a little more exotic than any where else we have eaten. When they placed the plate of calamari in ink sauce in front of us...I thought Robin might pass out! And I have to admit, my eyes got a little wide as well! It wasn't bad, but I would not order it again. Thank goodness for the lettuce wraps that were served alongside!

After dinner we drove over to the Beverly Wilshire for a nightcap before heading back into Santa Monica and our peaceful view of the ocean.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't look for John Wayne. He is my absolute favorite cowboy movie star of all time. My favorite leading man...Jimmy Stewart. I just love to listen to him talk. Looks as though y'all had another great day.

P.S. Happy to see y'all didn't throw up at the restaurant. ha ha


Brenda said...
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Brenda said...

Love you and Mar looks so real...yes Jimmy is wonderful do enjoy his movies even bought hs Bio..he was in WW2 wth Art's uncle.

I say surprise me at one restraunt and it is Mexican food...Ha! so I eat anything they bring. You are brave.