Monday, February 15, 2010

Where A Kid Can Be A Kid...

...a Mommy can get a headache

...and a Nonna can remember why she hasn't been there in over 10 years!
Last Friday, after taking Valentines pictures, I took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese.
My original plan was to treat the kids while their Mommy's had their nails done. But upon walking through the door, I knew that offer was off the table!

I might could have done it with one grandchild at a time...but three? No way!

Especially with one who had to sit at the table and two who wanted to run in opposite directions from one another...from ride to ride to ride.

Brooke couldn't finish one ride before she was ready to move on to the next one!
I think Meagan and Derrick have the right idea. You always need one more person than children to do Chuck E. Cheese. One for each child, plus one to sit at the table and watch all the stuff.

Maybe we can try again next year!


Robin said...

all I can say is....what were you thinking??? Ha! Good try any ways..

Anonymous said...

I'm with Robin, What were you thinking????????

Aunt Fran

Brenda said...

Oh my Last time I took the boys(Will and Sam) we went with Viv she took her all her nephews and a couple more! 10 yrs. ago
Trying to keep an eye on them man!! I agree with the kids. The thought counts

Anonymous said...

It was a good try. Next time take Aunt Bri, Uncle Will, AND Uncle Brian.

Looks like the kids had a great time!