Monday, February 8, 2010

Wonderful Wonderland

Whimsical costuming. Enchanting characters. Amusing routines. Authentic context.

What happens when a woman tries to have it all and to be everything to everyone? Most often, she loses herself. Her dreams, her passions. And all too often, she loses touch with those closest and most dear to her.

Thus begins the story of Alice Cornwinkle. She is on the verge of divorce, her daughter needs her yet she is on her way out the door again to meet an obligation of her career. After all, an author must schmooze in order to receive proper recognition, right?

Wonderland:The Musical is a Broadway Genesis Project that I predict will be a national hit. It opened in Tampa last December and will finish it's month long run here in Houston on Sunday. (If you live in the Houston area and have a free evening this week, I highly suggest you take the opportunity to go see it.)

The show is similar enough to the book that I think children will thoroughly enjoy the show. The dialogue is witty and entertaining to adults. The costuming and stage dressing will please them both.

My favorite characters were El Gato (a Latin version of the Cheshire Cat) and the smooth talking Caterpillar. The White Knight and his companions cracked Alison and me both up with their 'boy band' performances. While the Queen of Heats and the White Rabbit were both perfectly cast...and the costuming, other than one that I thought should be a little 'edgier', was inspiring.

I picked up the CD and have listened to it twice since Saturday night. From the boy band performance of "One Knight" to the rock opera-ish sound of "Misunderstood" by the Jabberwock...the music moves you. And "Love Begins" is a sweet ballad that leaves its melody with you long after the song has stopped playing.

What else can I say but Wonderland was wonderful!


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous. It sounds like a wonderful play. Who knows in 5-10 years it may make it here.


Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

It sounds like a beautiful play! I wish i could watch too!!! Have fun!