Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Countdown: Day 15

Thursday found me dealing with a lot of things at, my Christmas preparations were somewhat hindered.

However, even one thing marked off the list works. Right?

I stopped by Kirklands on my way home to check out their 25% off sale of Christmas things. I picked up a few little trinkets for stockings and the house. And I found a great bargain for our White Elephant Gift exchange on Christmas Eve. I guess you have to count that as a success in itself.

I had planned to do a lot of deer processing when I got home. We thought we would get it all wrapped up last Saturday and had plenty of helping hands...but then I broke the grinder. So, we had to wait for the parts to come in. Everything arrived yesterday.

However, once home, my husband insisted that I sit down for awhile and relax a little. It is sweet how he worries about me even though I am doing what I love. He calls me "Mrs. Claus" and I call him "Scrooge" at this time of year. (He isn't really a Scrooge, but he sure likes to mimic one at times.)

As I tried in vain to explain to him last night...I must get SOMETHING done toward Christmas every day or I feel so far behind. After eating dinner (Jim made pork dumplings and they were delicious) and sitting on the couch for an hour or so, I decided to decorate Bri and Will's Christmas trees. Well, I couldn't find Will's tree, nor could I find Bri's decorations.

But while I was digging for those things I did find this...

A ceramic Old World Santa that has been in the family since Will was two.

My sister, Rosa, has collected Old World Santas for years. I have always admired her collection, but since my house is not the 'magazine-ready-showplace' that hers is, I have collected only this one. But, oh the memories he brings back every Christmas as I unpack him from his summer's hibernation.

When Will was two years old, he and I ran into a local craft mall where a friend had a booth. We were just burning a little time while looking around to get Christmas ideas.

As we went around a corner in this crowded space, Will's little frame happened to collide with the pretty Santa dressed in pink. This sent him and Santa tumbling.

After I helped my little man off the floor, I looked over to see Santa minus his charming roller hat.

I did a quick double-take and glanced around us as I went over my options in my mind: (A) walk away real fast and act like we found it that way; (B) set Santa up and place his hat back on top of his head, then walk away slowly; (C) take Santa to the counter and fess up to what we had done, enduring the consequences; or (D) set Santa's hat back on his head, carry him to the counter and pay for him without anyone knowing his true condition.

Now, Santa wasn't extremely expensive, but money was tight with 5 kids and me being a stay-at-home, it was money I would never spend on myself for something as frivolous as a ceramic Santa. Yet, our 'little accident' also cost the person who made him time and money that they would not be able to recoup since Santa was now hatless - leaving a huge hole in the back of his head.

In my flesh, I really wanted to walk away...but as I prayed, I felt the Spirit urging me to 'do the right thing'. I couldn't bear the embarrassment of telling the sales person what had happened, so I set his hat back atop his head and insisted on carrying him myself. No one ever knew.

Santa sat in my closet until Christmastime rolled around again the following year. Then I took him out, glued his hat back on and considered giving him to my sister for her collection...but I decided he was made just for me and William!

So many of our Christmas decorations have their own story to tell. This is our Santa's story. Do you have a favorite story to share? I would love to hear it.

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Paige said...

Too bad you don't have your $1 prelit deer for christmas anymore!! Thx Jim! lol