Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Little More Decorating

I have a few more pictures from our Christmas Tree Decorating that I wanted to share. I hope you don't mind!
The Goode Family: (back row) Brian, (middle row) Kelli, Fonda, Jim, William and Meagan, and (front row) Bri.

Nonna and Pappaw with our babies: Davin, Maddux and Brooke.
When our children were little, we started the tradition of buying them a special ornament to commemorate something in their year. I thought that when they married and moved away they would have a nice start for their Christmas trees to take with them.
However, the girls didn't want to take their family ornaments. They wanted them to still hang on the family Christmas tree. Each child, son-in-love and grandchild still get a new ornament every year...hence the need for a bigger Christmas tree soon! (That is at least 11 new ornaments a year, y'all!)
As Derrick was helping Meagan hang ornaments, he commented to the date on one of the ornaments and how long ago that was. It got me to thinking about the oldest ornament on the tree...

1981: Mine and Jim's first Christmas as man and wife

I had never put up a theme tree...or so I thought. But the more I think about it, ours is a history tree. A history of the Goode Family. Of the Texas branch at least!

Derrick, Davin and Meagan...

and Meagan's first Christmas baby doll ornament. A gift from my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Bobby the year she was born. (She was the first great grandchild on the Jenkins side and a little bit spoiled!)

Kelli and Brooke (Maddux would not sit still for the pictures)...

and Kelli's ornament from the year that Matt proposed.

Bri, Josh and Blue (the only baby she says she will ever have! We will see about that.)...

and their picture from two Christmases ago. Unfortunately, a lot of Bri's ornaments were lost when we moved from Alief. But, since Kelli did find my china this past summer, I am still holding out hope for Bri's lost ornaments!
Bohemian Brian...
and his ornament from the year he got his dirt bike.
and his ornament to commemorate his 7-point buck a few years back. (The horse beside it is Bri's from when she thought she wanted a horse. I told y'all my tree was packed with ornaments!)
I hope your holidays are filled with wonderful memories and traditions that bring your family together at this blessed time of year!
This was originally supposed to be posted a few days after the please forgive any repeats. I was so busy these past few weeks that I never got around to finishing it. So, here you go. Two posts in one day about the same thing. I just didn't want to move pictures around!

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Brenda said...

Merry Christmas to all of you love you so much! love pics and stories behind each one ornament.