Saturday, December 25, 2010

Game Night At The Ham's

Last Saturday night, our family gathered at Kelli and Matt's house for Game Night and Gift Exchange with Grandma June while she was in town.
Since Matt was unable to join us for Christmas Tree decorating night, I made sure to snap a picture of him and Kelli in front of their Christmas tree. (Couldn't get one with the kids, unfortunately. Maddux was asleep!)

My mom (right) and Aunt Fran drove down on Friday night to spend a few days with us before Christmas.

Other than Matt and Jim, all our men-folk were missing. But here are pictures of Meagan (above) and Bri (below).

And finally, Jim and I.

After a delicious chili dinner and a game of was time to wake Maddux up and OPEN PRESENTS!

Since this was a 'free-for-all" opening...I had to snap pictures as quickly as possible!

It is funny to me how kids love the old things the most! Like Maddux and his John Deere tractor (above)...

and Brooke with the View Finder....

...and Davin was most infatuated with Gammy's snow globe!

We tried to get pictures of the three kids together, but this was the best one of the evening.

(PS...should you happen to come across one of those whale blankets someplace, please pick it up and let me know how much I owe you. Maddux LOVES it and will not sleep without it...but Kelli needs to wash it...and that creates problems for her. She has others like it (same maker/different design)...but he only wants the one with the whales on it!)
Even though our group pictures didn't turn out so great, here is my girl doing her "FABULOUS" pose.

And laughing on the floor...

While Davin was giving his Pappaw a bear hug!

WE had a great time...even if most of the boys were out at the deer leases!
Thanks for hosting us, Kelli and Matt!

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Kelli said...

yes we need another blanky... I may head up to yalls home goods this week since i couldnt find it at any of ours.