Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa's Town

Back when Kelli and Matt were away at Disney World, I decided to take the grand babies down the road a piece to College Station to see some Christmas lights.

Thank goodness we found a lot of people willing to go with us or I don't think I could have kept up with them all!

This picture is a little dark...but it is of Maddux, Bri, Brooke, Me, Davin, Meagan and Teri (Derrick's mom).

This was the sight before we even went through the gate! Wow!

After buying tickets and stopping for a HUGE bag of kettle corn, we went straight for the fire truck. Davin loves fire trucks!

Josh volunteered to help herd children too. Isn't that sweet?

Here are my grandchildren taking the 'Texas' stage for a little Prima Donna taking front and center as usual!

Next the grand babies went in to see Santa and have their pictures taken.

Josh and Will stayed on the porch, guarding the kettle corn and watching through the window.

Maddux loved his stickers from Santa!

Next, we loaded up on the hay ride to tour the light show. Here is Meagan and Davin...but as you can see there were too many things to see, so I couldn't get Davin to turn around for the picture.

Maddux sat with Josh and Auntie while chowing down on kettle corn.

Don't worry, Brooke got some too. She sat next to Uncle Duck Duck (Will) and he made sure she had her share.
Some of the sights from the hayride:

Santa and his reindeer.

The nutcrackers.

Candy Cane Forest...filled with helpful elves.

Davin and Brooke loved the purple trees.

Reindeer flight school.

And a beautiful red house all lit up for the holidays.

There was also the Christmas story to see.

From the manger... the cross... the Good News that Jesus Lives!

It was a little chilly the night we went. So, after the hayride we sat around the fire with some dinner.

And watched a little show starring Marshall Frostbite.

Brooke was the only one in our crew brave enough to go up on stage to meet him.

After dinner and the show, we made our last stop for the night.
The petting zoo!

Some of them LOVED it!

And some...NOT SO MUCH!

Brooke was fine as long as Uncle Duck Duck held her!

Especially this one! For some reason the big goats loved her...but she didn't care too much for them.
It was a wonderful night...but the six of us adults were whooped by the end of the night!
The Lone Star Flag

Remember the Alamo!
Merry Christmas from Texas, Y'all!


Tammy said...

This looks fun. I have never heard of it before, I will have to check it out next year.

Anonymous said...

We will have to come to College Station next year. We don't have anything that comes even close to that around here.