Monday, March 7, 2011

Everything Is Bigger In Texas!

We had absolutely beautiful weather in our neck of the woods last week! It was so nice that we couldn't help during the workday but to daydream about our vegetable garden and getting it started.

Then on Friday night, the temperatures dropped...AGAIN! But we didn't let that hamper us too much.

So without further ado:

Before picture:


It's gonna be big y'all!

And here are pictures of Pappaw's Little Helper at work:

Davin is clutching his tools and telling me that it is time to work!

Helping Pappaw adjust the disc harrow.

Using the little Channelocks...just like Pappaw's big ones!
And finally, toward the end of the day Jim needed to use the middle buster to break up an area that was a little too rocky.

His sidekick rode along behind him inspecting the work! LOL!
So far, Garden 2011:
DAY 1 (Saturday -3.5)
  • Pulled up temporary fencing
  • Marked off garden plot
  • Broke ground
DAY 2 (Sunday -3.6)
  • Applied fertilizer
  • Turned soil

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Are you trying to grow a garden as big as Grandpaw's?

I can't wait for Ryker to "help" us with a project.

Jim looks to be having more fun than Davin.