Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things Are A'Changing Around Here

In August of 2007, the five remaining "living-at-home" Goodes left the big city and settled on a little piece of property in rural Waller County.

The picture above is what the place looked like when we moved in. You could barely make out the driveway.

After working on the back half of the property for most of the fall, the boys had it pretty thinned out.

Jim could at least use the bush hog to mow most of the five acre homestead. By the fall of 2010, Jim and Will had almost conquered the Chinese Tallow trees which had been running amok for years.

In the winter of 2010, we had a great rain which left this view from my kitchen window.

And this is that view today. (Well, not literally today...but the picture was taken in the past few weeks.)

This was a picture I shared last May from our "Week In The Life" articles. Jim and Will were busy completing a new section of fencing for the cows to use as pasture.

And this is the view from the outside of that fence a couple of weeks ago.

Yep! We are getting a pond! And not a little one, at that. For the past month, every time I have walked out there it seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

We have a little bit of water in it now and they have built a road that goes back to it. I will try to get a few pictures this weekend so your can get a better idea of its size.

Davin thinks it should already be full of water and ready for fishing. I think his Pappaw does too!

What changes are happening around your world this spring?

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Allen and Rita Smith said...

What?!? Pic #4 isn't a pic of the new swamp you put in? I'm sure Davin and Pawpaw will be fishing in no time.