Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting A Little Giddy!

Well, the bags are packed, the plans have been double checked (with a few surprises along the way) and it is time to begin the process of leaving.  As soon as I get up from here, it will be my turn in the shower and we will throw the bags in the truck and head out.  We have to be at the airport earlier than normal due to the handling of the firearms, but we would rather wait at the airport longer than to miss our flight by cutting it too close and running into problems.

Both of our bags are a little bit over the 50 pound mark, but we would rather pay for them being a little heavy than to take haul around another one.  It is just hard to pack safari gear and come in under 50 pounds.  I could have pulled it off if not for the boots and the coat! 

I struggled most with packing the overnight bag for our layover tonight and my carry on for the FIFTEEN hour flight tomorrow.  Josh laughed at everything I had (from gum to Tums to magazines to earplugs) but I tried to explain that is harder for people our age to travel without access to things than it is for him.  Plus, he is a pro at this long distance travel thing...having traveled to and from Africa every four weeks for several years!  We will see how much is in the bag on the trip home.

I am going to try to post while we are away, though it may only be a few pictures.  We will have to see how convenient the Internet access is once we get there.

Until then, please keep us in your prayers.  We are a little bit nervous about leaving for two weeks.  You know, there is the kids, the business, the garden, etcetera.  But, we look forward to this once in a lifetime adventure that awaits us.  Please pray for our safety and for the safety of our children while we are away.  Brianne, Brian and William will be holding down the fort while we are away.

Much love to you all!


Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy this adventure as much as you have looked forward to it and don't forget to post most of the pictures. I'm sure you will take many more pictures than you could ever post. Much love to all, Aunt Fran

Brenda said...

Enjoy your time girl God is with all of you just have a blast. love you guys!

Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

Oh wow, Fonda, the chance of a lifetime. Praying right now for traveling mercies, good health and joy on your trip! Can't wait to hear all about it!