Monday, May 9, 2011

Grace Gifts #140 - #152

140.  Sharing produce with a friend.
141.  Being surrounded by so much love this Mother's Day weekend.  (Yeah, I got a whole WEEKEND!)
142.  Spicy crawfish -- at a restaurant!!!
143.  Flash of yellow flitting from tree at the back door.  My first Western Tanager sighting!
144.  Hummingbird haven at our back door.
145.  Little zucchinis on the vine.
146.  Nearly mature jalapenos waiting to be picked.
147.  Watching Davin and Pib tussle over a dinosaur.  (Each one had an end in their mouth. HILARIOUS!)
148.  Italian lunch with Kelli, Brooke, Maddux and Meagan. 
149.  Beautiful serving pieces ready to shine at the next family gathering.
150.  Gardenias for my flower garden.  (Just like both my grandmother's had at their front doors!)
151.  Favorite perfume at the bottom of a silvery gift bag.
152.  Tiny cantaloupe plants unfurling from the soil.

I had an amazing Mother's Day Weekend, as I already mentioned above.  Kelli called to invite me to lunch of my choice on Thursday with her, her little ones and Meagan.  We had a delicious Italian lunch with lots of conversation and laughter.  They brought me a lovely card and a set of serving ware so that my platters would look even more lovely than before.

On Friday, Bri called to make sure I didn't get home before her.  She had been out shopping for me and had left her treasures on the kitchen table.  I walked in to find two gorgeous Gardenia plants ready for my flower garden.  I had made a few stops to find Gardenias lately without any luck.  Both Grandma Fulton and Grandma Jenkins had one at their front doors when I was growing up.  The scent takes me back!  She also had a beautiful cut floral arrangement waiting for me and a sweet, sweet letter.

On Saturday, Bri and Josh treated us to dinner out at Repka's.  It is way back in the middle of nowhere, but they have the most delicious boiled crawfish.  Good and spicy!  And if that wasn't enough, Meagan handed me another gift bag at dinner in which I found my favorite perfume!  I ran out a little over a month ago and just hadn't taken the time to go shopping for more.

On Sunday I was treated to a delicious home cooked lunch after church.  Brian and Will were the main chefs with a little bit of coaching from the Head Chef himself.  (My Hero can cook, y'all!)  And after lunch, miracle of miracles...I was given the power of the remote control!!! 

It was a great day!  It was a great weekend! 

I am blessed!

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Anonymous said...

I guess with 5 kids it does take a whole weekend to celebrate Mother's Day with each of them. That's the up side of having 5 kids. ha ha. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Next stop Africa.