Wednesday, May 4, 2011

2011 Vegetable Garden Update #1

I can't believe that two months have already flown by since I first showed you our vegetable garden!  Last you saw, it was an empty plot.  Not any longer, my friends!

As a matter of fact, just last night, Jim and I were able to enjoy the first fruits of our Texas-sized vegetable garden.
We split one of these beauties.  I know it was only one bite each...but that small cherry tomato held all the hopes we have for the future of this garden...and it was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!!!
And there are a lot more where that one came from!
These are our Bradleys...
...and these are the Arkansas Travelers.
Look at all these tomatoes!  In addition to the Cherrys, Bradleys and Arkansas Travelers, we also have Beefsteak and Orangehearts. 
Look how tall these babies are!

Of course, we didn't just plant tomatoes.  We also have...

Kentucky Wonder Green Beans
Purple Hull Peas  (early and late crops)


Eggplant, though they are looking a little peaked.

(those two tall stalks are the only ones that made on our first attempt, but we were much more successful with the replanting)

...and jalapenos that are just waiting to be made into some homemade salsa.

We also have carrots (only a few made), squash, cucumbers and cantaloupe, but they are still very young.

We are hoping that the garden survives our time away in South Africa.  Jim has done a good job of pampering it, so it is pretty spoiled when it comes to getting attention!  I have a feeling other people are going to get to taste the first fruits of the larger tomatoes while we are away...but that's okay.  I think we will have enough to share!


Tammy said...

Lots of pictures! I sent you an e-mail about upgrading - did you get it?

I told Kyle I want him to build me a small garden planter box off the ground so the dog won't get it... he told me to just wait til we are rich and have land. :( I want to be able to just walk outside and grab it when I want it!

Kelli said...

What no okra??? That was my favorite crop last year!!!

B said...

Oh my homesick Girl these are favorites nothing better than garden vegies this is a wonderful can just about taste the tomato