Monday, June 6, 2011

From Newborns To Trophies

Saturday, May 14
Afternoon Hunt

After a wonderful brunch served at the Lodge, Jim and I went on a ride through a part of the ranch where no hunting is allowed.  This is a great place to see the little ones. 

This is a little Nyala.
She was hard to see as the Good Lord made her to blend in to the background so well.

While the guys were watching the nyala through their binoculars, I noticed something moving in the candelabra tree ahead of us.
Do you see that monkey in the center of the photograph?  Blows my mind! 

Then we saw this little fellow, a Sable Antelope.
When he grows up he will look like his daddy.
A gorgeous animal with gorgeous antlers!  Maybe one day when I grow up I will be able to take one of these!

After watching the little ones for awhile, we headed back to camp for a short rest before our afternoon hunt.  This was waiting for me in our room!

My son-in-love would have freaked had he seen this thing!!  Let's just say that this was my first African trophy kill!  Thank goodness he was the only one I saw until our last day in Polokwane!

Around 3 p.m., we packed back up and headed out to a new area to hunt.  It was only about 30 minutes away but was much more overgrown that the game ranch we had been on that morning.  We drove and drove looking for animals.

About an hour in, Arno spotted what he claimed to be the biggest Impala he had ever seen on that property.  We stalked the herd for about 30 minutes or so on foot before deciding to stalk the kudu that could be seen instead.  Unfortunately, while Jim was set up on the kudu, the Impala herd passed behind us and the kudu never stepped out of the bush for a clean shot.  So, we walked back to the truck empty handed.  (Only to be told that a warthog had rubbed all over the bumper of the truck while our tracker, Simon, watched!   Pumba sure is brave!!)

Just before dark, Simon and Arno once again climbed a lookout tree to see if anything was moving in our area.  Lo and behold, a couple of Gemsbok/Oryx were headed our way.  Jim and Arno walked down a trail and set up where they thought they might cross.  I think this was Jim's easiest and prettiest trophy of the week. 
Isn't he gorgeous?  And the Gembok/Oryx with the African sunset behind him doesn't look too shabby either!  (Grin!)
Arno, Jim and myself with the Gemsbok.

It had been a very long, but successful day.  As we climbed into bed exhausted that night, Jim commented, "I think we should try to come back in about 5 years."


Anonymous said...

The animals are beautiful, but the background scenes are more magnificent. Aunt Fran

Anonymous said...

Do you get to keep all the antlers? Normally, I don't like antlers in home decor but I will make an exception this time. These are beautiful.