Thursday, June 30, 2011

Through The Eyes Of An (Almost) Four Year Old

On Tuesday morning, Derrick and Davin dropped by the office while Derrick was having some work done on his car.  As is usual for an (almost) four year old, Davin got a little bored after the first ten or fifteen minutes of greeting everyone.  I had a digital camera on my desk, so I told him to go take pictures.  And so, he did!

The first thing he did was adjust the settings, which caused his pictures to come out like this.

Once we got it back to automatic, he did a lot better.

As you can tell, his Momma and Daddy were his favorite subjects to photograph! 

I enjoyed seeing the office through his eyes.  It makes you wonder what else they view differently.  I think we might try this little experiment at the Lake house next week with all three grandchildren!


Anonymous said...

I love it he sees his world. They look great and so happy!

Anonymous said...

You would be surprised at what a young person actually thinks is important. Sarah and Tiffany get the cameras on occasion and they come up with some really interesting shots. Also a lot of uninteresting shots!!!!!!!!!Giving young ones a camera is like what you get from a wedding reception. You just never know. Meagan and Derrick look happy and healthy. Aunt Fran

Anonymous said...

Is Meagan allright or was it the the picture that makes her look so pale. You sid you had a lot of squash. I have a quSH PICKLEe I thank you will like if you want it, let me know Love Mom