Friday, March 30, 2012

A Day At The Carnival With Brooke And Maddux {And Kelli, Too}

Forewarning: This post is filled with LOTS of pictures! It's really the only way to share the memory!

In Houston, Texas, the month of March means one, not NCAA basketball.

Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo!!!

This year, the girls and I made plans to take the grandchildren out to the carnival and spend a day.  Due to several days of heavy rains and a weather forecast of 100% chance on our planned date, we rebooked for the following Wednesday.  (Of course, it never rained on our original date!)

If you saw my Facebook post that day you also already know that we picked the WRONG day to reschedule.  Value Wednesday of Spring Break Week.  Adult entrance nearly half off, kids under twelve free and all rides/games half priced.  Great on the pocket book, not so great when it comes to beating the crowds! 

The other side effect of our rescheduling was that, on the morning of our carnival trip, Davin came down with a stomach virus.  Meagan had taken the day off to go, and now they were having to stay home.  He was unhappy to miss it and Brooke was unhappy that he couldn't go.

But, Kelli and I persevered through the sickness and the crowds -- and we had a great time!  The following are pictures from our day at the HLSR carnival.

Brooke and Kelli on the Rodeo Tram from the parking lot to the carnival grounds. Beautiful girls!

Maddux and Brooke wanted to go down this slide.
They had to brave long, long. long lines to do so.

I don't think the trip down turned out the way Maddux had hoped.
Somehow he ended up on his belly with his tow sack on top of him instead of under him!

Time to play some games. 
This one was over too quickly!

Fishing for frogs.
I remember a game like this that the kids had when they were little!

They both won swords...and boy were they happy!
Funny thing is, Kelli and I had discussed how they couldn't buy swords until we were ready to go.
Because you know, crowds + two swords in the hands of a 3 year old and a 4 year old does not = good things happening!

We then moved on to ring toss around the rubber duckies.
And Maddux won!!!

See his red ring around the duckie?

He chose Patrick in an orange hula skirt.
Yeah, Patrick was bigger than Maddux!
Umm...and we had to carry him around with us for the rest of the day!

Next stop, airbrush tattoo for him....

and face painting for her.

Look at that Transformer decorating those big muscles!

She wanted a rainbow kitten face...with glitter!

Snack time!
Marble slab. Vanilla with M&M's for him.
Chocolate with marshmallows for her.

Can you tell they like different ends of the spectrum?

We walked through the Reliant Arena to look at the shops and see the cows. Then we stopped so Nonna could get them each a cowboy hat and keepsake.

Yee Haw!
It was SO cute!

It had been a long day, so they loaded up on the back of the wagon and we headed out.
It was the best pictures that I got of them all day long!

Even the Pony and the Longhorn got along on the ride out!

Despite the crowds, it was a great day!

And as we were waiting on the tram to take us back to the truck, I looked up and saw this. A man in a kilt!  At the rodeo?
It takes all kinds!


Anonymous said...

Looks like the kiddos had a great time with Nonna. Love the tats, hats and the smiling faces. Can't believe a guy had the guts to wear a kilt in TX! That was taking his life in his own ha ha. I hope I can bring Ryker soon to the Texas Rodeo. I think he would have a wonderful time.


Brenda said...

looks like a wonderful day they sure had a great time love your time with the kids you are making fun memories.:-)