Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Stars Come Out - Even During The Day

Saturday morning in New York City began way too early with a knock at the door from Room Service bearing coffee. They were early! Whoever heard of Room Service coming early?!?!

We ate a little breakfast and slowly got to stirring about the room to get dressed for our day. 

On our stays in NYC, we have spent a lot of time in Manhattan.  Today we would be spending time in one of the true neighborhoods.  The houses and their architecture are so different from what we are used to seeing.  But Greenwich truly has it's own beauty.

Robin had seen Neil Patrick Harris on  a talk show promoting a Mystery Theatre/Scavenger Hunt/Tour called Accomplice.  So, a few weeks before we left we decided to get tickets and do the Accomplice: The Village tour.  Oh, what fun!!!
Stacy and Fonda with other tour members at a local coffee shop/cafe.
We were able to enjoy some of the best Cappachino's I've ever had...all while playing along.
Stacy and Fonda with a cast member with the best sense of delivery.
I really can't tell you much about it, because then they would have to kill me...but, if you ever find yourself in NYC (3 different shows available), Hollywood or London, you HAVE TO take this tour!! 

Oh, and that picture above?  That is one of the cast members and he reminded me so much of one of my cousins that I could not stop laughing!  He was so witty!!!  And when I envisioned those words coming out of James, Jr.'s mouth...I nearly doubled over with laughter!  (As a side note: James Jr. dresses nothing like that (he's too cool for overalls) was just something in his face and that southern accent that reminded me of him.)

After the 'show', we hung out to watch the next group make their way through to the big reveal.  Then, upon the recommendation of some of the Accomplice staff, we went to Lupa Osteria Romana for lunch.   This is one of Mario Batali's restaurants and would require reservations or a long, long wait for dinner...but we were able to walk right in for a late afternoon lunch!
Robin and Stacy at Lupa
Mario is one of Stacy's favorite chefs to watch on Food Network (Iron Chef America, The Chew, Mario Eats Italy)...and now I understand why! 
Fonda at Lupa
The food was DELICIOUS!  We started off with Marinated Olives and a plate of Prosciutto Di Parma.  And just so you understand how good this really was...I was NOT an olive eater.  Couldn't stand them before this trip.  But Mario converted me!  For the meal, I let our server order for me and she brought out the most tender and tasty Braised Short Ribs that I have ever put in my mouth!  MMMMM!  Good!

With full stomachs, we decided to walk a little of it off by heading down the street to Washington Square Park

We watched as street performers jumped over five people.

We stopped to take pictures of this beautiful sidewalk chalk art.  (The artist was being interviewed for televison at the time.)
We met some very friendly squirrels who were a little miffed that we didn't have food with us.  And them we took pictures of the beautiful arch which was built to commemeorate the 100th anniversary of Washington's inaugeration as President of the United States.

We took our time, strolling up 5th Avenue and then across to 7th Avenue past Madison Square Garden where the New York Rangers were hosting the Pittsburgh Penguins.  But for the biggest part of our stay Linsanity was in full swing!  (Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks)  My oldest son wanted a jersey so bad he could taste it.  Unfortunately, the whole city was sold out!
We strolled on up to Times Square and made the quintessential tourist stop:  Madame Tussauds Wax Museum.  I haven't been in a wax museum since I was a teenager and we made a weekend trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Just inside the front door, Robin ran into Justin Timberlake.

And then we were all three captured by King Kong and carried up the side of the Empire State Building.

Stacy ran into one of her all time favorites, Lucille Ball.  Can you say, "Vita-meat-a-veg-a-min"?
While we saw plenty of Hollywood favorites in wax forms...I forgot to even mention that as we were waiting in Greenwich Village for Accomplice to begin we looked across the street and saw Seth Green hailing a cab!  No pictures, though.  We didn't want to seem like tourists!  Ha!!

After Madame Tussaud's, we walked over to Toloache on 50th Street.  Julian Medina's Mexican Bistro is one that Robin found on one of our previous NYC excursions...and one worth returning to again and again.  (Another Iron Chef America chef too!)

It was a short walk back to the Warwick where it was time to kick off the shoes and sit a spell.  After all, we still had another day of fun ahead of us!


Stacy said...

oh my stars - I love that day!

Anonymous said...

I've never wanted to visit New York City until I read this blog. The street performers and sidewalk art along would be worth the trip. Day 2 looks like a lot fun and a LOT of walking. No wonder people in NYC are skinny. ha ha