Monday, March 12, 2012

You Can See The World In NYC!

Friday morning we woke bright and early. But, as the rain was beginning to clear, we took our time dressing and enjoying a leisurely breakfast in our room.

Just before noon we headed out the door for a pilgrimage to Tiffany's. We had visited Tiffany's on our first trip, five years earlier. However, we had spent our time purchasing gifts for our Girls. This time we were shopping for Momma!!!

Stacy walked out with her little blue bag which contained her birthday present to herself!  Robin slipped her purchase in her purse...a charm to be included with a previous purchase in Beverly Hills.

Me...after circling the sales floor at least four time, I finally decided upon the item I REALLY wanted as my GGW 2012 keepsake.  But, I didn't get to walk out with a little blue bag of my own.  Mine had to be shipped because, wouldn't you know it, they were out of my size!

I am happy to report that my purchase arrived home the same day that I did!

A beautiful silver bracelet with a charm that reads "Tiffany & Company, Fifth Avenue"!

After shopping, we headed to lunch at Serendipity 3.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize that it was a holiday weekend and all of the children were out of school for the weekend already.  As we waited for a table and the sidewalk overflowed with women and their daughters all dressed up for tea parties...we decided to make our way back to Brasserie 360 for a relaxing (kid-free) lunch.  It was delicious!

After lunch we caught a taxi over to the American Museum of Natural History.
Theodore Roosevelt:
33rd Governor of New York
26th President of the United States
& Safari Hunter who provided many of the African specimens in the AMNH.

Stacy and Robin on the steps of the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH)

Robin posing in front of the Elephant Herd

The Eucharist Challis of the Armenians

These beautiful pieces reminded me of something that would be mounted to the front of a very ornate ship.

Chinese Dragon Costume

A detailed drawing of the Israelites carrying the lamp stand.
My daily Bible reading was in the Pentateuch at the time and so the details of the Tabernacle were fresh on my mind.

The still life's of mounted animals were so beautiful that they look like a painting.

An ancient ancestor of the armadillo?  I would hate to run into one in the woods!

Does he look familiar?
Here's a hint...there is a movie that is set in this museum. you get it!
Night at the Museum!
Stacy posing with the Easter Island Head that we called 'Dum-Dum'.
After spending the day at the museum, we headed back to the hotel to see if we could find tickets to 'Other Desert Cities'.  Our Concierge was able to find us three while we enjoyed a respite at the corner table of Randolph's. 
It was a great play that had us still talking about it the next day.  It's leanings are pretty much opposite of it was thought provoking to say the least. 

We stuck around afterwards in some pretty miserable weather for pictures and autographs with the cast.  (The wind was rough so please excuse the flying hair everywhere!)
Robin with Stockard Channing

Stacy and I with Stockard Channing.
She was such a sweetheart.  There was a teenage girl there that had just finished playing the part of Rizzo in her high school's production of Grease and Stockard took the time to sign her Grease Rizzo Barbie Doll. 
Rachel Griffiths signing Stacy's Playbill.

Judith Light was nearly blown away by all the wind. 
She stopped, signed our Playbills and took pictures with all of us...but unfortunately
the pictures didn't turn out very well due to all the flying hair!
We did get Justin Kirk's autograph too...but we never saw Stacy Keach.  It was quite appropriate that we attended a play set in Palm Springs because that was where we had originally discussed as our 2012 destination! 

We discussed several times throughout this trip that being in New York City was the closest you could get to traveling the world without a passport.  And for us, on Friday, it was true.  We had dined in a French Brasserie, seen the animals of Africa, the people of the Middle East, and rubbed elbows with stars of both Broadway and Hollywood.

Day Two in NYC ended with us so very thankful that we had worn our coats because it was a very CHILLY walk back to our hotel!

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