Thursday, March 29, 2012

Remembering The Alamo {Even Without Perfect Pictures}

Earlier this month, Jim and I took a weekend trip to San Antonio.  It was a much appreciated time away with My Hero...and I thank him from the bottom of my heart for making the sacrifice.

From our hotel suite was a picturesque view of Alamo Square and the San Antonio skyline.

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo, San Antonio at the Alamo.  The suites were BEAUTIFUL!  High ceilings and old world charm.

From their website:
Built in the historic Gibbs building, the Hotel Indigo® San Antonio at the Alamo hotel is a boutique-style hotel designed for travelers looking for an escape from the traditional hotel experience, but who still desire modern conveniences and amenities. Designed with the perfect blend of historical preservation and modern decor, the hotel's San Antonio, TX suites are steps from major attractions, including the Alamo and the San Antonio Riverwalk.

I had reserved a suite because I was hoping that some of my girls could join me for the weekend, but when they were all unavailable, their wonderful Daddy stepped in!

We went to San Antonio to meet up with some of my most beloved of family members... sister, her husband and two of their three daughters.

They were spending the weekend in San Antonio to attend the Miss Collegiate America & Miss High School America Pageant.
See all those beautiful ladies standing on that stage?  Well, one of those beautiful ladies belongs to them.  Miss Arkansas Collegiate America - Naiz Bolin.

Wouldn't you know that I took my best camera all the way to San Antonio before I realized that I had left the battery at home on the charger?  Yeah, it was that kind of weekend.  So the pictures above are all from my iPhone except that last one (which Rosa had texted to me from last year's Miss Arkansas Collegiate pageant when Naiz won.)

Naiz is truly a beautiful woman from the inside, out.  And it was so exciting to watch her compete and to make it into the Top 15.  Although my nieces have been competing on and off for years, this was the first time that the event was close enough for me to attend. 

Oh, and that outdoorsy husband of mine who is out on a West Texas turkey hunt even as I type?  He was seen the Saturday night after the festivities carrying a clear dress bag filled with purple and silver sequins and feathers!  Priceless!!! 

Even though I don't have the nice high pixel photos that I wanted of this weekend, I want to remember it all the same.

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Anonymous said...

I love San Antonio! Would love to go back again soon. Texas is just what they advertise...A Whole Other Country. There is so much to do and see in TX. Glad you got to see Naiz in a pageant and spend time with Rosa. I know you two don't get to spend as much time as you would like together.