Monday, June 25, 2012

Cattle Herding On A Summer's Day

This morning I got to play 'Make Believe' before heading in to work for the day.   I was pretending to be a Big Rancher's Wife, like Pioneer Woman.  Only she's in Oklahoma and I'm in Waller County, Texas.
My son-in-love, Josh, showed up bright and early with a trailer to herd cattle and get the calves to the vet for their vaccinations.  I couldn't resist the opportunity to grab my Olympus and start snapping pictures.

William and his life-long friend, Sam, guided the trailer placement.  Oh, did I mention that we only have two calves?  Yeah, Pioneer Woman has LOTS more than two!. There ours are, right by the gate trying to figure out what was going on.  Doesn't seem like there will be much herding today, huh? 
The closest one in this picture is Jim's baby...Arya.  The one in the back is the 'little bull'.  Well, at least that was what we were calling him this morning.  This afternoon we will call him Lord Varys.  If you watch Game of Thrones you will understand why his name was changed after the vet visit.

The calves didn't stay near the gate for long.  They couldn't figure out what in the world was happening with those panels so they decided to take an impromptu meeting near the water trough to talk over their options.
"But wait a minute, there is that all familiar red Folger's coffee can." 

"Can it be true?"

"Are we eating early today?"

"That looks like my food, but I have never seen this white contraption that it is lying in before."

"I usually find it in my bowl!"

"I really want to eat...but do I dare?"


"Where are you going with my red Folgers coffee can full of goodness?"

"I'm hungry!"

Ever the watchful and graceful creature, Arya stays back just far enough to watch the procedings with suspicion.
Little Bull, he is all about the red Folger's coffee can of goodness.

While he is pigging out, Josh begins to swing the panel around to herd them into the trailer.

Arya tries to make a run for it...but she just wasn't quite fast enough!  This ain't Josh's first rodeo!

There they go.  Headed into town to see Doc.  When they get home this afternoon they will have all of their toddler vaccinations up to date and be ready for preschool.

Oh yeah, and Little Bull will be a steer.  OUCH!


Brenda said...

Well just love grin from ear to ear so much fun. Just love to watch Pioneer Woman she is so much fun boy does she some zoom lends.
So glad Sam could see this he has missed out on country life it is so enjoyable when you are living a city life.
Thanks for sharing

Stacy said...

how awesome! yes, PW has more cattle - oh well, maybe some day :)