Monday, June 18, 2012

A Shower Of Blessing Indeed!

Saturday afternoon we gathered to celebrate Brianne and Josh with a wedding shower.   Meagan and Kelli did a wonderful job of setting up for the special event.

The tables were decorated in the wedding colors and pictures of the bride and groom were spread around the room so that everyone would be able to see them dressed in their wedding attire.

We hired the hall to cater the event, but the girls provided the desserts.
Here are the two hostesses putting the finishing touches on the hall.

We had a spread that would have fed an army!  It was delicious.
Our bride requested that we not play any games, but take our time to visit instead. 
After the time to catch up with one another, we watched the bride open presents.

Thank you to all the precious women who drove long distances to celebrate Josh and Bri's marriage with us!  You have showered our family with the blessing of friendship time and time again!


Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. Games are becoming a thing of the past. I myself have never cared for most of the games at showers. I would definitely vote for fellowship over games.

Hope the newlyweds got what they needed. Are they registered anywhere?


Anonymous said...

Never mind, I forgot I've already given them a gift.


Brenda said...

It was a blessing to share the day with beautiful women and celebrate such a joyous occassion. Meagan and Kelli did a wonderful job setting up it looked gorgeous!

This was my second celebration of the day, we got all 10 of the family together for Sandy's Birthday lunch. Then Mom threw in an Anniversary 2 days before and Father's day on Sunday then added Art's birthday.. She likes to celebrate right!!
Woohoo on to Waller!. Party
Much love to all

Brenda said...

Everything was so good food delicious selections were great, so beautifully catered.

Thank you for this time to bless Brianne and Josh.