Friday, June 22, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: On Friday (ish)

Hey, guys!  I apologize for taking so long to post this week.  I usually try to get my Wednesday post up by Tuesday afternoon, but this week I had shower pictures and Father's Day pictures to share. I took the day off of work Wednesday and thought that I would get a chance to post sometime during the day.  But...fifteen jars of hamburger dill pickles, thirteen jars of pickled hot peppers, six jars of jalapeno jelly and sixteen freezer bags of peas later...I was wiped out!  Plus it was nearing eleven o'clock in the evening, so I did what any sane person would do...I watched Swamp People with my hubby and went to bed.  Yes, that's right...we record Troy, Liz and the gang for our late night viewing pleasure.

Oh, and by the way, work would have been much easier than staying home on Wednesday!  Just sayin'!

So, of course Thursday was spent catching up at work...which was followed by a big family dinner out with Bri and Josh...who just came in from his stint in Africa...where he lost twelve pounds on the he was looking forward to a meal at his favorite Mexican restaurant.

And now it is 3:30 AM on Friday morning.  Don't believe me?


I woke around 3 AM to the sound of the cat crying, only it wasn't the cat.  I can't figure out what it was...maybe I was dreaming. Or maybe Jim was making some funny little sound in his breathing until I disturbed him with my tossing and turning.  Once awake I could hear Allie barking under the house.  Only she sounded like a little dog at the far corner of the property.  Then I could hear Brian's bass from his video game in his room. !I walked outside to see where the barking was coming from, only it had stopped.  Since I was already out there, I walked over to Brian's room to tell him to turn down the volume.  Only he was asleep.  ASLEEP!  I sacred him to death when he awoke to me standing over his television trying to find the volume control in the dark. And then I had indigestion from the Mexican food. So I went on the search for my Maalox. Which all explains why I am posting on Friday (ish).  Aren't you so glad you asked?!?!

Now what was I talking about again?

Oh, yeah, weight loss.

Well, Monday morning was not kind to me.  I stepped on the scale only to have lost half a pound!  I was a little bummed by the number, but felt in my heart that it was not accurate.  I really believe that all the salt in Jim's Father's Day meal did me in.  We had a lot of vegetables, but fresh veggies need salt.  Am I right?

I usually only weigh once a week, which is Monday morning.  But this week I had to know if there was any change, so I stepped on the scale Wednesday morning and boy, what a change.  I'm not counting it yet though.  The challenge is to keep it off until next Monday's weigh in.  Well, and forever after too!

I am not doing well in my workouts. Actually none this week.  But between harvesting the garden, preparing the veggies and preserving them...I am wiped out. (Oh, my goodness at the peas we have harvested the past week and a half!) Plus I think all the squatting and bending and lifting heavy baskets or pots filled with steaming water is quite a workout without the hand weights.

Okay, Brian just came through the house and I think the antacid is finally kicking in so I am heading off to bed now.  I hope y'all have a wonderful Friday.  Thanks for stopping by!

I reserve the right to blame any rambling or disconnected thoughts on the hour of this posting.  I have read articles on the dangers of texting or ordering from the home shopping network while under the influence of alcohol...I am thinking it may be just as dangerous to make a blog post under the influence of Maalox at 4 AM.  Especially since the Spell Check feature is currently on the fritz!


Anonymous said...

I would love to lose a little more weight but I don't know if I want his diet. ha ha. You need a work out buddy. Someone to be accountable to althougth harvesting and canning can be a good work out to, I'm sure. Keep up the good work the weight will come off in time.

Love you,

Brenda said...

Oh my word! You have been so busy love it, yes the salt could do it.
That's too bad about waking up been there done that. Even looked for the button on Sam t.v. When couldn't' find remote.
Keep up the good work!

Have great weekend!