Thursday, June 7, 2012

Happy Anniversary To Us

Last Wednesday Jim and I celebrated our 31st anniversary with a little get away to Galveston Island and a fishing trip.  My husband has always been a wonderful romantic.  He presented me with my first box of long stemmed red roses when we were dating.  He has surprised me with pieces of jewelry over and over...not the least of which were the pearls he gave me a few days before Kelli's wedding.  So sweet.

In these past thirty one years I have learned that he likes to 'do something'...and hunting or fishing are always considered to be 'something'!  I have been wanting to head out to the bay with a local fishing guide since we first began saltwater fishing.  We discussed our options for our anniversary trip and decided to make this our excuse for hiring a guide and heading out to the water.

Now, I didn't really think this trip through very well.  We were on our anniversary trip to the island and it was supposed to be relaxing.  But this fishing business means no sleeping in.  We were to meet our guide in San Leon at 6 AM.  That meant my alarm was set for 5 AM...on my VACATION! 

It was still pretty dusky when we arrived at the dock, so I sort of wiped the sleep out of my eyes and strained as I tried to make sense of the sight before me.
There was a pony foraging around the dock!  The pony had evidently broken loose from his home as there was a lead rope dragging behind him.  I snapped this picture from as close as I dared get so as not to spook him, so once I lightened it up enough to see him it was pretty grainy.  But there is the evidence that this was not going to be an ordinary day on the bay!

Is a pony good luck, you think?

After meeting our captain and loading our cooler and snacks, we headed out.  Watching the sun rise over the water was relaxing.  Even at 6:15 AM.

As we pulled up to our first fishing hole, this sight caused me to just stop and stare.  Gorgeous!

And speaking of gorgeous, my fishing partner is pretty gorgeous too!

As we cast and cast and cast some more with no luck of fish, I noticed other things in the water around us.
I certainly didn't want to fall in that water.  I haven't seen that many jellyfish in Galveston Bay EVER! 

Our first two holes were dry runs as far as keepers go, then at the third I managed to throw a fish in the box.  Captain Mike added the next one shortly after and Jim finally added one about thirty minutes later.  (I told him that mine was the biggest...but really his was.  Shhh!  Don't tell him!)

Around noon we moved back to our first hole and man did those fish bite.  It was soooo much fun!  I was reeling them in as fast as I could throw out the bait.  And then Jim switched his bait to match mine.  As quickly as I started catching, it stopped.  But by then Jim was reeling them in left and right.  Honestly, I had grown so tired of reeling that I was thankful for an opportunity to sit down. 

And then, it all came to a screeching halt.  Our boat had drifted off the honey hole and by the time we made our way back, lunchtime was over.  The Specs were ready for a siesta.

So, we headed back to shore.  Tired.  Happy.  And a little bit sunburned.

Back at the dock there was no sign of the pony, but the pelicans were upset with us for taking their parking spot. 
We brought in eleven good sized specs.  Nothing that rivaled a record, but honestly, these were the first ones I had ever caught!  (I tend to catch the hardheads and the dog fish on our boat!) 

It was a wonderful way to celebrate thirty-one years together.  We were able to experience something new together, laugh and make memories. 

And later that week, we had a fish fry!


Kelli said...

Happy 31st anniversary! I can't wait to go fishing in Conroe!

Stacy said...

A pony!!!! How awesome!!! Looks like you all had a great time!

Anonymous said...

I hope we don't see any jellyfish when we go on vacation. What a relaxing anniversary. Glad you two had so much fun.