Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Tale As Old As Time

Last night I had a night out with two of my favorite ladies.
Kelli, Brooke and Belle at the Aquarium Downtown
I met up with Kelli and Brooke at Houston's 'The Aquarium Downtown' restaurant for dinner.  This was an early birthday present for our Brookie Bear...and though I considered a different place, I am so glad I went with this instead.  I can't say that I enjoy their food all that much, but she thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance of the place.  It was worth every penny to see her so excited about the all the fish and to 'ooh' and 'ahh' over her surroundings.  (The Ladies Room looks like the inside of a mermaid's castle.)

After sharing a dessert of creme brulee and a make your own sundae, we walked back to the Hobby Center for the night's real treat...
Source: Joan Marcus
Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Broadway Across America Tour.  What a show!  I loved it, and so did my little princess who sang along and tried to twirl in her seat.

Brooke and I at the Hobby Center's Sarofim Hall
I think Brooke got so swept away in the performance that she wanted to be on the stage herself.  Her mom and dad had better get her back in dance classes, and maybe drama classes too!

It was a wonderful evening and I so enjoyed sharing the theatre with my granddaughter.


Brenda said...

So sweet this looks great! Love the pictures she so cute. You should frame that one of you and her give it to her and for keeps.

Anonymous said...

Looks like that was the best birthday present you could have gotten her by the smile on her face. I think Nonna had just as much fun as the birthday girl.