Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Friday Night Lights: Brenham

It has taken me time to be able to even post about last Friday night's game against the Brenham Cubs.  The reasons are many:

  1. For all the playing time that our #63 got last week against Tomball Memorial, he spent that much plus some on the bench this week.  Not sure what is going on, but he sure was heartbroken over the lack of playing time.
  2. Brenham is THE RIVALRY game of the year...and we lost, 14-24.  It was a close game until the half.
  3. I really did not understand the strategy on the field this week.  It looked like John L. Smith was calling in the plays from Arkansas. (Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.) Of course, that may have had a lot to do with...
  4. My football buddy and love of my life wasn't able to make this week's game as he was out on a dove hunt with customers and vendors this past weekend.
  5. Due to lack of playing time (a couple of special teams plays and two defensive plays that were 'kneel downs' at the end of the game) I have no pictures to share this week.  Not even of the helmet.  Will just wanted off the field, to the field house to change and go get something to eat.  {Side note: He was so passionately ready to play in that last drive that he mowed one of those Brenham boys over when he came across that line!}
On the positive side, we had a crowd to watch the game and enjoyed the time with family and friends.  We made Meagan promise not to go into labor way up in rows W & X.  That would be a long way down!

This Friday night we will be traveling to Willis...after we welcome our newest granddaughter into the world that is.  It is going to be a FULL day for sure!

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