Monday, September 17, 2012

Friday Night Lights: Tomball Memorial

Friday night the Bulldogs hosted the Tomball Memorial Wildcats for the first home game of the season.  If you have never attended a game in Bulldog Stadium, you are missing quite an experience.  It is a state of the art facility that some colleges I know of would love to have.

As I fought the rain to make it into Waller for dinner before the game, I was so glad that I had given in to my gut instinct and picked up a handful of rain ponchos earlier Friday morning.  The weather man had assured us that  rain was to be out of our area by 3 pm, but that was more like when it began.  I had half jokingly asked ladies from my Bible study group to pray that the Lord would keep the rain from falling over the stadium...and as I made my way over 2920 I could see the sun breaking through over the stadium while two blocks away I had to run into the restaurant to keep from getting wet. 

It was a good sign for things to come!  (No bad moon rising on this night.)

The thunderstorms had held me up in Houston so that I was unable to make it home before the game to pick up my camera.  If you would like to see pictures from the game, you can log on to  There is a great photo of William making a tackle during the second half (#153) and another of the team huddle (#205) after their 42-22 win over the Wildcats.  (Both pictures are in '2012 9/14 Varsity Football 2'.)

After the game, Bri, Davin and I met him at the fence so that Davin could say 'hello' and I could let him know who to be looking for when he left the field house.  This was his weekly helmet check photo:

All of the new is gone and I am wondering if there will be any paint left on this thing by the time the season is over. 

He gulped his dinner down practically by the time we made it out of the drive through line, then he drug himself into the house and straight to bed.  I'm thinking Varsity football is hard on a young man!  Ha!


Kelli said...

Love the picture! My brother is such a dream boat ;)!

Stacy said...

It was a great game!!!