Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Audience Particpation Required

I will be the first to admit that I am not the most articulate of communicators, but I do enjoy writing. I love a good story and I love sharing things that happen in and around our family. I enjoy hearing from all of you when something in a post prompts you to comment...even if you are disagreeing with me. (Okay, so, if you really know me, you already know that I do not 'enjoy' constructive criticism at the time it comes...but I do finally 'hear' the message!)

I also tend to post in spurts. This years' slowest month was the 8 posts in March followed immediately by the most posts of 23 in April. (That is almost one per day!) I am already behind for July...but you never know when the bug will bite me and I will be off and running once again.

So, this is my question, why do you visit this blog? You can post anonymously if you prefer, but I would really like to hear from you. I think that the majority of you are family members or close friends, most of you rarely comment and some of you have never commented.

(In which case, all you have to do is go to the bottom of this post and click on the word 'comment'. It may read '0 comments' or '4 comments', etc. There you will find a text box to your right side of the screen where you type your comment. Hit the 'Post Your Comment' button. You will be asked to type a word into another text box (a spam filter)and then your comment will be seen on the left hand side of that page.)

Just curious this morning and wanting to hear from you.

Stay cool out there!


Anonymous said...

This is the best way for me to see what everyone is up to and to see how much everyone has changed over the years. I love the pictures. Keep them coming.

By the way, I usually leave a comment. Not always, but more times than not, I would think.


Tammy said...

I enjoy reading reading people's interests, thoughts, etc..things that make them want to write about it! I think it is a great way to stay in touch with what people are up to but also a great way to get to know someone more in depth. I also enjoy seeing pics!

Anonymous said...

Since I don't get to go to Texas as much as I once did, I enjoy hearing about what you and the family are doing and it's the only way I get to watch the babies grow up. Both yours and the grands!!!!! Keep the pictures coming and letting us visit with you, Jim and the family.
Love ya'll
Aunt Fran

Miranda said...

I never leave a comment, but I read because I miss you all and want to keep in touch (even if it is one-sided) with the Goode family. We really should have lunch sometime soon!

Robin said...

I check out youir blog cause
1) I want to see what your up to when I haven't spoken with you
2) to see how you interupt (I know I misspelled that) something I was there for :)
3) because I love how you tell a story
4) I too like seeing the pictures
5) plus it's fun!

Stacy said...

I really enjoy your blog - you do a great job with it - I like the pictures as well. Basically I am waiting to read your book! Yes, you need to write a book! :)

klham said...

I read your blog cause you are my mom, duh! Mostly cause I am the only one in the family that isnt there on a weekly basis so if I read what has been going on I feel more in the loop.

Brenda said...

I have to see what you have got going on in your day and see how you everyone is. I love and miss you but this is a great way to think of you. Your gift of writing is so wonderful I'm taken into the moment while reading, the pictures are great too.
I will try to leave mess i read just don't write. Keep blogging girl.