Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthdays and Broadway

I am back!

Did you miss me?

I didn't mean to leave the blog quiet for two whole days. We were just busy celebrating Miss Bri's birthday and I have been sharing my computer with Will and I haven't had much opportunity in the evenings to post.

Wednesday we gathered around the table for elk steak, baked potatoes, asparagus, rolls and chocolate pie...all at the birthday girls' request.

But the real celebration occured on Thursday night when her sisters and I took her out to Soma for sushi (even though she doesn't eat sushi, she likes their grilled shrimp) followed by an evening at the theatre. Broadway Across America's is at the Hobby Center for the next few weeks.

We do not usually see two plays in one year, but Phantom of the Opera is her favorite...and it just so happened to be here on her birthday, so what else could we do but sacrifice another evening to 'endure' one more play. Ha!

We saw Phantom last March in San Antonio. Kelli and I enjoyed this performance better, but that was because neither of us knew what to expect the first time and were a little lost during the performance. (We had to have Bri explain a few things to us this time we caught a few more of the subtle story lines) Meagan and Bri enjoyed the one in San Antonio more, and I agree that the performances were better in SA. However, we still had a wonderful time!

Tomorrow we will be gathered at the pool to celebrate Davin's second birthday...and then we are finished with July birthdays! It has been a long month of non-stop celebrations...and I love it!


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a great play. Paige, Brittany and I went to see Dr. Jekyell and Mr. Hyde last weekend. It was a local theater but the main charcter was great. Usually it is just me and Brittany going to the local theaters around here but one of Paige's fellow worker's son and grandson were in this production so she went with us. I think she is hooked. All it takes is one great show and you want to go all the time.

Happy Birthday Bri.

Fonda said...

I agree, once good show and you are hooked on the theatre! Glad Paige joined you two for the evening. Maybe I need to find a local theater group so that I can talk Jim into season tickets. He is not going for my hint at Broadway Across America tickets or our local Theatre Under The Stars!

Brenda said...

Hey that sounded like a great night out w/girls. I have heard so much about that birthday dinner. Sam is still talking about how much he likes elk meat even tonight he told us how it tasted. Thanks for introducing him to elk girl.