Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photos From The Beach: A Day Out

I left the beach house twice during our weeklong beach trip...once to go shopping for the 4th and once to visit Galveston.

On Tuesday, Meagan, Brianne, Will, Davin and I went to lunch at Rainforest Cafe. (Kelli, Brooke and Maddux had already left for home.) Meagan thought that Davin would enjoy the animals...but it didn't turn out exactly like she had planned.

We were sat at a table right in front of the elephants. Davin couldn't take his eyes off of them as we were walking to the table so Meagan decided to take him over and show him that they were not real.

Unfortunately, the elephant moved just as she took his hand to touch the baby and prove that they were not real. Terror! Screams! Oh, my!
She walked him around the restaurant to calm him down. He was okay with the butterfly...but not much else.

Fortunately. he eventually came to enjoy the surroundings. He even started imitating the gorillas. And then...

he passed out. Even before his meal came! I think Rainforest makes a lot of money off of meals that are never eaten. Either the kids are too excited to eat...or they are too scared!

After lunch and a trip through the gift shop (Meagan wanted to make sure that he had good remembrances of Rainforest), we headed to the Moody Gardens Aquarium.
We were going to see the Dinosaurs Alive! exhibit...but after the Rainforest Cafe incident, we didn't think lifesize dinosaurs would be a good idea. So, off to the Aquarium we went!

We saw sting rays and penguins.

Davin is the same size as the King penguins...but by next year, he will probably be promoted to Emperor!

We saw jellyfish...

...and Davin got to touch a starfish.

Oh, no...what is that? It's a....


Bri, Meagan and Will stopped for me to snap a picture of them in front of the large aquarium. (Davin was too busy running up and down the steps. He had spent too much time in the stroller.)

Time to head back to the beach...where, on our last afternoon there, we saw a wild shark chasing the mullets just along the shoreline. At which point, we didn't go back in the water!
And this concludes our photo collage of our 4th of July beach vacation for 2009!


Tammy said...

enjoyed all the pics! how big was the shark????

Fonda said...

It was a small black tip, maybe a foot and a half long...but long enough that I wanted to get out of the water in case his Momma was somewhere close by!

Brenda said...

That's funny pictures are great-i would be movin to beach if i saw a shark too. We never seen one close up.

Anonymous said...

It's exciting to see everything new again through a child's eye. You could see the wonderment(don't know if that's a real word, but it is for today) on his face. I wished I could have been there to experience his new discoveries in person.

Love to all,

Robin said...

Um....and why am I just hearing about the shark? 3 things I don't do... snakes, thunder and why do I have a beach house and live in the country? Not much I can do about thunder.

Fonda said...

Robin, you were long gone by the time we saw the shark. It was about 10 or so yards off the shoreline in calf deep water. I knew the fish were jumping like crazy so I grabbed Davin to take him out to see the fish...about the time we got out there, I saw the we came back to shore and watched from dry land!