Thursday, July 16, 2009

Seeing UFO's

...Unexpected and Fascinating Observations, that is.

I had two UFO sightings yesterday.

The first one occurred while I was driving in to work.

I had only traveled about a half mile after pulling onto the freeway when I noticed a cow walking up the off ramp toward the freeway. This cow had not missed any it was hard to overlook. I wanted to circle back to take a picture of this odd sight when I remembered that even though I had all three compact flashes with me, I didn't have a camera. BUMMER!

The second sighting was on my drive home.

I went a different route so that I could pick up Popeye's Chicken on the way. (I had been to the grocery store after work and it took longer than I wanted so I had no extra time to cook.) As I drove down a two lane paved road I spied a cat with the biggest head I had ever seen. I wondered if it was actually a bobcat, so I stopped and put the car in reverse to see if it was still in the ditch. Lo and behold, he was still there...and yes, it was a bobcat. (Still no camera!) I am 46 years old and this was my first live bobcat sighting! I was so excited I sent Jim (who was golfing) a text message to tell him about it. That is probably the closest I will ever come to 'Twitter'ing!

Have you seen anything Unexpected or Fascinating this week?


Stacy said...

ok - that is cool - a bob cat and all - but girl - you are NOT 46!!!

Fonda said...

So, Stacy, I guess you are caught up on the blogs since your trip and you now know that you were the only one to catch it & comment on the fact that I aged one whole year in 4 days! Robin caught it, but thought that she had gotten my birthday card wrong.

Stacy said...

ya, knowing that my b-day comes before yours - no way am I going to let you be 46 because that means that I am! ha! and I am NOT ready to go to that year yet!