Saturday, July 18, 2009

Loose Threads

Wow, what a week!

July is an extremely busy month for us. Not only do we vacation for the 4th and my birthday...but we celebrate a lot more milestones!

July 7th was Matt and Kelli's third anniversary! Happy anniversary, you two! I know that ya'll are anxiously awaiting moving into your first home in a few months...but take the time to celebrate your anniversary as well.

Both of our sons-in-law have birthdays in July too. Matt's was the 10th and Derrick's was the 15th. The family gathered at our house on the 16th to celebrate both birthdays and the anniversary. The food was good...but the company was better.

The 15th was also my dad's birthday. Happy Birthday, Daddy! Hope you enjoyed your day!

Today is Donna's birthday. Happy Birthday, Donna! Make Daddy and Cecily treat you good today!

And speaking of birthdays, I just celebrated my 45th last Sunday...and yet, in Thursday's post I said that I was 46! And NONE of you caught it!!! Evidently it was a rough week for me. I aged a whole year in four days! Ha!

I wanted to thank all of you who participated in Tuesday's post. There are times when I feel like I am having a one way conversation on this blog and I need a little feedback to know what you think.

Rita and Robin are usually the first ones to send me an email if I am missing from the blog for too long. They are also the most likely to comment. So, thanks Ladies, for your continued encouragement!

Tammy and Aunt Fran - Have you had enough pictures this week? Don't worry, more are scheduled for next week!

Miranda - I had no idea you were hanging out around here, girl! It was so good to 'see' you! And lunch? Just say when and I will be there! I have missed you.

Stacy - A book? Yeah, right! I can't keep up blog posts about can I write a book? (Hope you are having fun. We miss you.)

Kelli - You are not ALLOWED out of 'the loop' it or not!

Brenda - So glad to see your comment. And FYI, Sam is doing fine. I am not sure that Will is going to let him go home anytime soon though!

Well, I need to get off of this computer. My refrigerator is in need of some serious attention. We have nothing to eat...but I can't fit one more thing in there. (How do inanimate objects such as condiments tend to take over a refrigerator?)

I am also going to try to put some meals in the freezer this weekend. I am tired of spending money on take out when I work late or have a tiring day.

Hope you all have a glorious weekend!



Brenda said...

Well it so nice having family celebrations and yawl always have good one girl. July is a busy month. Sam is having a ball he is with his other family. You know how he loves your kids.

I'll do better about comments

Anonymous said...

You would have thought I would have caught the age thing, since you are only a year older than me. You get too old then I get too old. HA HA. I love the pictures too. I really loved the ones of all the kids. Since I live 6-9 hrs away, depending on whose GPS we are using, it is a great way for me to keep up with everyone.
I've actually thought about doing a blog too, but I don't think I will be as good as you in keeping it up or as exciting. We just don't do a whole lot around here.

You will be happy to know I've starting taking down the boarder in my bedroom. I think I'm going to paint the trim first then put up the paintable wallpaper. That way I get paint on the walls since I'm terrible at trim work. Sounds like a plan to me. Happy birthday to all of the July birthdays and happy anniversary to Kelli and Matt. Before you know it it will be 30 years instead of 3.

Love all of you,

Robin said...

I caught it but didn't say anything cause I was wondering if i messed up in my card wishing you a 45 and then you said 46 so i just became silent from doudt and wonder