Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photos From The Beach: An Evening In The Gulf

Saturday evening we headed down to the beach to play in the surf.
Doesn't she look sweet with that angelic smile on her face? Brooke was not real thrilled with the feel of sand between her toes. It took her a little while to enjoy going barefoot.

Davin on the other hand had no problem with sand between his toes. He just wanted to get out there to the water. I guess that is the difference between boys and girls when it comes to 'dirt'.
Brooke was a little leery of the waves.
Whereas Davin ran right on in.

Brooke got knocked down by a wave when she tried to follow Davin in deeper. Thankfully, her hero, Uncle Brian, was close by. She stuck to him like glue for a long time afterwards.

Davin found the 'skin' off of a wake board that had washed up on the beach. Here is our little surfer dude.
But I think Miss Brooke may have him beat on form!

Kowabunga, Dudes and Bettys!


Anonymous said...

What are those stick things in Brooke and Davin's hand? I think your right about form on the wake board, Brooke definitely has Davin beat. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. I'm sure y'all had to watch Davin like a hawk since he wasn't scared of the water or the waves.

I can't believe how much like young children they are both becoming. No more baby faces.


Fonda said...

The sticks are actually bubble wands. They lasted all of five minutes...three of which we were walking down to the beach. The other two, we set off three or four sets of bubbles into the wind when Davin decided to turn his wand upside down and pour out the bubbles. He then proceeded to do the same to Brooke's.

klham said...

I love that picture of Brooke and Brian walking together, i will have to get a print for her room.

Brenda said...

Fonda I realy fell in love with these pictures but like Kelli said I do just love Brooke and Brian pic walking on the beach. They look like postcards perfect time had by all.

The little look so sweet standing there Brookes got the moves.