Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Bulldogs Visit The Rangers

For some strange reason, maybe it has something to do with the upcoming holiday, this week's games were all moved up a day. So, even though it was Wednesday, we had us some Thursday night Freshman football.

The Waller Bulldogs traveled to Rosenberg (70+ miles away) to meet the Terry Rangers. We were a little late arriving at the game...missing the first three minutes. (It always takes me twice as long as it should to get to Rosenberg. There seems to always be something holding up the traffic, no matter which route I take!) The score was 8 - 0, Bulldogs when Jim and I arrived.

Will didn't have quite the stats that he wanted or that he earned last week. Even though he got real close to the quaterback a few times (as seen here)
...most often, he was met by this wall of Ranger defenders. (Three on one, how is that fair?)
He had several blocks and assists, but no sacks or tackles.

I took this picture at half time. It made me smile. Where else would you see a pair of cowboy boots sitting on the track but in Texas?

Will didn't play as much offense this week as last, but here is a shot of him playing in the second half.

(One of his many Coach's Conferences during the game)

The Bulldogs were able to hold them scoreless...
right up until the last play of the game. The horn sounded, but the Ranger was already at the 15 yard line and showed no sign of letting up. Thankfully, the Bulldogs were able to prevent the run for extra points.

Final Score:
Rangers 6
Bulldogs 8
Bulldog White team is now 1-1 for the season.

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Anonymous said...

I do know what it is like to take twice as long to get somewhere as it should. HA HA

Sounds as if it was a good game. I love watching the close games. Never know how it will turn out until the last nail biting minute.

Good luck this season!!