Sunday, September 13, 2009

Week In Review

Labor Day weekend, Jim, the kids and I traveled to Arkansas for a work weekend. If you remember back in May, we had flood waters in the family fish camp. Once the water resided, we realized that several of the barrels had washed out from under and needed to be replaced. While Daddy, Glen and Jim worked on replacing the barrels and fighting the wasps...Donna, Bri, Jessica and I worked on getting the inside cleaned up and prepared for the coming hunting season.

We traveled home on Monday, which was also Brian's 19th birthday. Meagan, Kelli and families joined us on Tuesday evening to celebrate with fish tacos and strawberry cake for dessert.

On Wednesday evening I attended an Open House for Will. I can tell you that I don't miss high school. Rushing from class to class...lockers...cafeteria lines. Since I didn't have time to go home beforehand, I did a little shopping for decorating the office for fall.

On Thursday we attended Will's ballgame. They lost 0-6 against the Spartans. He was very disappointed. Meagan, Derrick and Davin came too. Meagan says that Davin no longer wants to watch Noggin in the mornings. He wants to watch 'feetball'. She is already outvoted in her household and he is only two.

Friday was a hectic day with all kinds of twists and turns...but I did manage to get the groceries for next week!

Finally, last night we attended a wedding for a family friend that we have known for nearly 20 years. It was a beautiful ceremony at a bed and breakfast in Round Top. A quaint little town that you should visit if you are ever in that area.

Today I will be spending the day packing for my birthday trip to New York. Robin and I will be flying out on Tuesday morning and I can hardly wait. We may actually get to taste a little bit of a real fall while we are there!!!

The blog will be quiet next week while I am away, but I should have pictures for you when I get back.


Robin said...

whoo-hoo we come!

Brenda said...

Yea! I have been thinking of that for a couple of weeks. You both have a blast!!! Look out NY fun times ahead, do something for me. Love you.