Saturday, September 19, 2009

Museums And Musicals

Thursday morning we awoke to the threat of rain. So, we decided to add a bit of culture to our trip by visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Central Park.
Evidently, we were not the only ones! (We took this picture after our visit...thus no rain in the picture.)

We started in the Greek and Roman Art area. The most amazing thing to me was the realization of how small statured they were. We saw suits of armor that looked like they belonged to a 10 year old, and a small 10 year old at that. A sarcophagus for a 52 year old woman was not even 5 foot 4 inches long. It was just odd.

Which makes me wonder...just how big was Goliath? I mean, if David was even the size of one of those suits of armor...a 6 1/2 foot tall man would look like a giant beside him.

And we were also wondering...why didn't these people wear any clothes?

I enjoyed viewing the items in the Greek and Roman area, but I was most excited to see the Egyptian art.

We saw several of these caskets. (BTW: The Egyptians looked to be closer to our height.) Several of these were quite ornate and beautiful to look at.

This sphinx stands next to a portion of the Temple of Dendur.

You can see the Temple behind Robin and I. We are flanked by what appears to be two pharaohs.

After viewing the American Art center and wandering through the gift shop, we stopped and picked up lunch from a hot dog vendor in front of the museum.

We were serenaded by a men's quartet singing 50's music and were only slightly threatened by one pigeon who thought he might get lucky and snap a bite of Robin's hot dog as we ate.

Since we took a cab to the museum, we decided to stroll back to the hotel along the East side of Central Park.
Here is a picture of the bow bridge during the change of seasons. What a difference from the snow pictures I posted in February 2008, huh? (This picture is of the same general area, but from a different viewpoint.)

We had early dinner reservations for Toloache Bistro Mexicano. It is really risky for two Houston girls to try eating Mexican food north of the Texas state line. But this time, the risk was well worth it. Robin had carne asada that would melt in your mouth. And, my two lobster tacos had quite a kick but kept you wanting more. (The pomegranate margaritas were pretty good too!)

After dinner, we walked down to the Roundabout Theatre Company to watch the Broadway revival of Bye, Bye Birdie with John Stamos and Gina Gershon.

The show was wonderful and the cast had so much energy! The show is in it's preview stage, but it was a great performance.

Having been introduced to the stage door experience on Tuesday night, we made our way to the barricades as soon as the show was over. The kids were so very gracious and appreciative of the attention. You should see my is covered with their autographs.

I even had my picture made with John Stamos. I am not a real autograph hound, but who would turn down the opportunity to have their picture taken with John?
It was another fun and star filled day in New York City! Who will we see next?


Brenda said...

What a wonderful day a winner to me glad you Girls are exploring "Everything" loved the pics. The veiw was so pretty and green.

Stacy said...

What a cutie - oh, John too! :)