Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Star Gazing In New York City

"Live...from New York City, it's...."Me. (and we are not too far from David Letterman's studio!)

Robin and I arrived Tuesday afternoon and are having a wonderful time. We are taking a little siesta before heading out to dinner and I thought I would take the opportunity to post a few pictures from yesterday.

After a three hour flight, where we talked non-stop...we were greeted at the airport by our driver. I love not having to haul my own luggage around an airport! We did good though. Only one checked bag each...but at 55 pounds each, I sure was glad they were on wheels.

The hotel in which we are staying is beautiful! It looks like I would imagine a Manhattan apartment would have looked like in the 1940's, minus a kitchen.

After depositing our luggage in the room, we set out to find a bite for lunch. We ended up at Lindy's on Broadway. (The original was a frequent haunt of Milton Berle back-in-the-day.) We ate at the sidewalk tables because the day was so nice.

After lunch, we strolled the streets and took in the sights. We noticed a red carpet being set up just a half a block from the hotel. They were preparing for the New York City premiere of Matt Damon's new movie, 'The Informant'. We walked up to Central Park and then stopped in at Randolph's for drinks before getting ready for the evening. (The lounge is named after the William Randolph Hearst who in 1926 built the hotel for his paramour, Marion Davies.)

After dressing for the evening, we headed off down Broadway for our show. Robin surprised me with tickets to God of Carnage.

It started a little slow...but picked up speed very quickly. I can't remember the last time I laughed so many times at a performance.

As we sat down, Robin kept telling me to look at a man sitting down from us to see if he didn't look familiar. She said she thought that he was from ER. As we were walking out of the theatre... there he was right beside us. Anthony Edwards!

She didn't take his picture because he was out with friends...but as we were leaving the theatre, we noticed people standing around waiting for the cast to come out. We missed Hope Davis, but we did get pictures and autographs of Jeff Daniels,
Marcia Gay Harden (very nice and classy lady, in my opinion)

and James Gandolfini!

As if that weren't enough, right next door was the performance of Steady Rain with Hugh Jackman (who we missed while we were getting autographs from the cast) and

Daniel Craig (in the black, signing autographs).
And then we saw this VIP standing in Time Square.
Oh, sorry, that is just me with my dinner from a street vendor. Chicken kabob anyone?

But, as we headed back to the hotel, we did see a gathering of people waiting for the last few people to leave the premiere. Matt Damon and company had all left early...but Robin did snap this picture of Marvin Hamlisch, the composer.

We wound down our evening back at Randolph's before heading upstairs for a good night's sleep.
What did we do today?

I will have to tell you tomorrow...because the majority of this trip is a surprise or an adventure waiting to happen!


Mr Albert said...

uhhhh, your taxi looks funny... looks big and comfy... nothing like San Antonio bull riding taxis...

Stacy said...

ah my girls out on the town having a blast! :)

Brenda said...

hey girls, now that's a birthday to remember! Keep snapping those photos was so excited to see your update...i love these trips.
Enjoy the Big city. will you be going to see Oprah in Central Park Friday?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you two are having a wonderful time. You derserve it.

Robin - - I hope you don't have to carry Fonda back to hotel one night. HA HA


Robin said...

No...Fonda has been a good girl this trip and able to walk on her own...but this is our last night so anything can happen...