Monday, March 15, 2010

And They Were Singing, "Don't Fence Me In"

Remember back in 2007 when we first purchased the five acres in Waller? This was the view from the end of the driveway back toward the road.
And this is a picture from the side yard toward the back of the property.
Beautiful "park-like setting", right?
I had envisioned putting a fire pit just to the left edge of this picture. We did put our horseshoe pits over there so that we could play in the shade during the hot summer months. Brian's hammock now resides toward the back of that little cluster of trees.
Three weekends ago, we started a new project. Building fences!
This is now the front side yard from the road.
And this is the new view from the end of our driveway back toward the road. Jim even built the fence to curve along with the driveway! Nice!
This is the back fence. It runs parallel to the end of the house. If you look real close you will see Brian's hammock just this side of the tractor.
Even though I love the look of real wood, My Hero likes a finished we spent the last part of the week painting everything 'Blackened Pine'.
I don't think it took him much past this point to wonder why in the world he ever decided to paint!
Although we have been wanting to finish the fences since we moved in, we just haven't found the time or the desire to do so until now.
We could put it off no longer however, because it was time for 'the cows to come home'!
If you want to hear the first half of the story, click on over to Stacy's blog post from this morning.
They arrived yesterday afternoon to take up residence in their spiffy new digs.
They walked right out of the trailer, made a lap around the edges and then happily started munching grass.
Bri moved the round bale feeder over yesterday afternoon. They were so excited when she threw in their first bale this morning!

Miss March is large and in charge!
Miss January is our new momma...I think she will always be smaller than Miss March though. (She can't help that she is big boned, Bless Her Heart!)
And here is our little man.
He doesn't have an official name yet. Stacy and Albert called him 'Sirloin'. Bri doesn't want him named after a cut of meat, so I suggested "Sir Loin"! We can then change his Momma's name to Lady Jan(uary)! Ha!
That's how we have been spending our beautiful spring weekends. What have you been doing for yours?


Tammy said...

The fence looks really nice! I don't think I have ever seen your property

Anonymous said...

The fence looks great!! I really like the way it curves with the driveway. How much does Jim charge to put in a fence, because I don't think I can get my hubby to build me one. Then again he didn't build you one either. He did it for Bri. Maybe I can get Allen to do it for Britt. ha ha. What are going to do with everything once you build your new house? Is this still going to be the pasture?


Miss August said...

The fence looks great. I really think its time for a visit to Houston!

Anonymous said...

I DO like your fence! I'm like you though, I think I would have just put a weatherproof on it and let it be natural. Jim did a great job with the curving driveway. The livestock looks good also. Aunt Fran

Stacy said...

ah the new home for the girls! I must say - it is quiet at my house! ha!