Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Am Addicted this.
The Friday before heading out to Los Angeles, I upgraded my Samsung smart phone to the iPhone. I had tried the web package on my smart phone, but it was not user friendly so I soon cancelled the data package and only used it as a phone. After all, I had my iTouch to play music on as well as a distracting game of Sudoku, if need be.

Upon preparing for the trip to LA, I found myself going back and forth on the subject of whether or not to take my laptop. It wasn't critical that I have access to my email while away, but with missing three days in the office, it would be convenient if something came up.

My hesitation was rooted in my intimidation of airport security. I understand the need for them, but they are not the nicest people most of the time. Seasoned travelers seem to have little to no problem, but being a novice traveler, I ALWAYS forget something...and that holds up the line...and the security people are a little gruff...and I get embarrassed...and I just want to yell "Calgon, take me away" and be back in home, soaking in my bathtub...alone...and without everyone looking at me like I am an imbecile because I forgot to take off my shoes, or my jacket, or to take the liquids out of my purse, or to lay out my camera properly, or to take off my metal necklace, get the picture.

Anyway, laptops? Just one more hassle to hurriedly unpack, lay out and still get through the line.

Where was I?

Oh, yeah.

Getting email = Good. Laptops through security = High Stress.

Soooo, I took the plunge and upgraded to the iPhone. I was going to take a cell phone on my trip anyway AND I knew it did not require any extra steps at security. Win, Win!

And now...I am addicted!

Facebook...I know when my friends level up in Farmville even while I stand in line at the grocery store.

Email...I can check you at any moment. I even got word that our house in Alief had an offer at 10:00pm the other night. Well after the time I am off the computer for the night.

Blogs I Follow...I can post comments whenever I want, even as I climb into bed for the night. And I can go back often to see if anyone else has commented.

Right now I am following the rodeo lineup and attendance online...and I can still make my normal phone calls and send text messages. It is all good!

But don't ask Jim about it. He has other opinions about my addiction to technology!


Robin said...

your movin' on up Weezie :)
something I dare not try, I have enough issues with a regukar cell phone

Fonda said...


Miss August said...

I love, I love my iPhone! I'm with you Fonda, iPhone I had a smartphone, Motorola Q and it wasn't as much fun to get online. With iPhone it's so much nicer! The problem now... which Apps to download. ;)

BTW, which one did you get? I got the 32gig. I was going to get the 16gig one but Doug said you can't have enough memory so we both got the 32gig.

You have to let me know if you find any apps that are cool and that you like. So I can check it out!

Brenda said...

Robin :) I hear that...Don't even know what a smartphone looks like, know Motorola but Q?...ha!no girl you are hi tech online playng with your phone. 32gigs wow


Stacy said...

so you know when I level up - too funny!!!! I do know it was great in LA because by a touch of your finger we knew who was who - where to go next and what to do - now that was fun having you look up all that stuff!!!

Heather said...

I use my droid so much it has it's own blog. Seriously. Sad, I know... LOL!