Friday, March 12, 2010

Nonna's Home!

Yesterday was a pretty special day. No big celebrations or anything like that, just an everyday kind of day that turned special at the last minute.

You see, when I drove up into my driveway, I was greeted by two of my favorite 'little' people.

Brooke and Davin both came running to my truck for Nonna hugs and kisses. It was so sweet!

Look at those 'hammy-tails'! Is that not one of the sweetest faces?
Kelli decided late afternoon to bring the kids over for the evening to visit with Meagan and Davin while Meagan was cleaning.

When I drove up they were all in the front yard (except Maddux, who was sleeping) watching Pappaw and the boys paint the new fence.

Davin wanted in the back of my truck.

And of course, Brooke had to join him.
We all had dinner - take out from Taco Cabana, because who wants to cook when they could be getting hugs and kisses instead?

Then we sat around the table talking until late...when everyone headed home.

Last week I was blessed with one on one time with all my kiddos in the same week. This week we had all five at home together!

I like these kind of surprises!


Stacy said...

those are the best kinds of hugs and kisses - from grandbabies!!!!

Brenda said...

THis is the best welcome hugs and glad you enjoyed all the family.

Miss August said...

So sweet! I'm sad that I don't have any grandbabies. I may never have them, I might just have to "adopt" some of yours!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute Miss August. I get first pick of adoption from Fonda. I think Robin has some. Maybe you can adopt from her. I don't have any grandbabies either, and no prospects of any in the near future.

What a wonderful surprise after a long day at work. Who could be tired with hugs and kisses waiting on you?