Monday, March 22, 2010

The Official Numbers Are In

According to the official Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo numbers, my Rodeo Food Critics were off just a smidge between their preferences and the hard numbers of items sold.

"Food could be found at nearly all areas within Reliant Park, and Show visitors enjoyed the unique types available. Below are a few highlights.
o 100,000 funnel cakes
o 91,000 turkey legs
o 33,000 ears of corn
o 30,000 caramel and candied apples
o 15,000 pounds of sugar for cotton candy
o 10,000 pounds of strawberries
o 7,500 chocolate-covered cheesecakes on a stick
o 6,500 orders of chicken-fried bacon
o 6,000 cans of whipped cream
o 4,500 chocolate covered strawberries"

These were the official numbers released in the HLSR 2010 Wrap Up. It seems more funnel cakes were sold than turkey legs...but considering the size of the turkey legs, let's just say there were a lot more servings than the 91,000 indicated.

And where are the corn dogs in all of this?

And what did all that whipped cream go on top of?

And...I kept meaning to try the chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, but since it was right next door to the chocolate dipped cupcakes...I stopped there instead! (Saturday they were all out of chocolate cupcakes so I had red velvet instead...YUMMM!)

And, how in the world do you chicken fry bacon?

Oh, well, stuff to look forward to for next year!

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Stacy said...

I guess I didn't eat enough corn dogs for them to make the list - I will try to eat more next time! :)