Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Garden Update #2

We were on vacation last week...hence, no pictures last week. So this morning I ran out and took a few so that I could give you a quick garden update.

This picture of the garden was taken from the west end...so things look flipped from the previous pictures.

We worried about whether or not the garden would survive us being gone for a week. But thanks to Hurricane Alex, it got plenty of rain.

The peas are blooming!

The okra plants are getting taller.

The squash are big and beautiful.

Even the cantaloupe are beginning to spread out and perk up.

No sign of broccoli yet. Aunt Fran warned me that they may not make...if not, we will try again in the fall.

Jim and I could hardly believe how much the plants grew while we were away. He picked two tomatoes when we returned home...but they had both burst open from the rain. It looks like another will be ready for picking today or tomorrow.

We are hoping the deer stay out of the peas, but realize that the blooms are like perfume to their little noses.

Hope you come again tomorrow. I will have pictures up from our family vacation!


Brenda said...

So happy this is such good news Sam had said last he had wondered about the garden and I had too. He said we could came out cared for things.

Garden looks green and great just had garden tomato last night.

Anonymous said...

You can't beat the garden fresh tomatoes. I even had some heirloom tomatoes last week. Sooooooooo good! Your garden looks great! Happy late birthday. I remembered but just didn't get anything done about it. Love ya' Aunt Fran