Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Garden Update #3

Look at how much the garden has grown over the past week!

Please look past the empty spaces. Jim and I learned a lesson for next year's garden..."Buy more seed than you need to plant the row." Then we should have extra to help fill in the gaps!
These beautiful tomatoes started this whole garden craze. We still haven't harvested more than one at a time...but they keep putting on blooms and tomatoes, so we will keep patiently waiting!

This is the crop that took us over the edge. These cowpeas came up so abundantly that we decided to try growing other vegetables. I can hardly wait for a fresh 'mess' of peas! See how many are sprouting out of the top of these plants.

Next we planted okra. They are taller than Pib...but no okra blooms yet!

And these squash are taking over the row!

This one is almost ready to eat!

The cantaloupes are blooming like crazy.

As are the cucumbers.

But, alas, Aunt Fran was broccoli.
Oh well, better luck next time.
At least we will have the hard part of clearing the land already completed next year when planting season hits!

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Allen and Rita Smith said...

Everything looks delicious!! Maybe you should plant a few fruit trees next year. I sure do miss the fresh fruits and vegetables we used to have. I didn't appreciate it then, but I sure would now.