Thursday, July 8, 2010

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation: Part 2

When the Goode family gets this close to a body of can bet that My Hero is going to have a few fishing poles with him. When we weren't in the pool, you could usually find a few of us gathered on the bank or the dock with poles in hand.

See what I mean.




And this young man. It was his first time to hold a real fishing pole in his hand with real bait on the hook.
(He has a toy pole with a plastic fish on it at our house that Jim has been using to teach him how to cast.)
It didn't take long before Davin had hooked up with his first fish.

Look at how proud he is to show off his fish for the camera. He called it a "bad fish". I am not sure what made it bad, other than maybe he didn't want to hurt a "good" one.

Derrick convinced him to give the fish a kiss before throwing it back. Sweet!

But Davin wasn't the only one to catch their first fish on our lake vacation.
So did she!

She was a bit surprised when she reeled it up to find this little baby.

Look at that smile!

She caught a "green one" just as Davin requested.

What a memorable day when both Mom and Son get their first catch!
What makes this story even more special is that ever since Labor Day 1996, Meagan has refused to even get near a fishing pole. She wanted no part of fishing...even in the bay. That is because on that fateful day, her brother (Brian), caught her in the chin with a fish hook. Worm and all. It required a trip to the ER and a couple of deadening shots in the face to get it out. She was so embarrassed about the worm that she didn't even want to get out of the car to go into the ER.
Fast forward fourteen years...
When she hooked up on this one and started smiling, her dad started smiling from ear to ear too. Two more Goode family fisherman were born on vacation.


Allen and Rita Smith said...

Congratulations Meagan!! I was shocked to see a picture of you with a pole in your hand, but I am so proud of you overcoming your fear of fishing. Or rather fish hooks.

Congratulations to Davin too. Catching his first fish at such a young age.

Grandma and Grandpa Fulton would have been so proud to see him catch his first fish. They both loved to fish. I don't know why but both of them have been on my mind a lot lately.

I love the tradition that Fonda and Jim have started...vacationing as an entire family.


Robin said...

love it...can't wait to see more...also can't wait to go on vacation..wait...I'm going to Florida next week.

Fonda said...

Rita, They have been on my mind a lot lately too. Jim asks me questions on a weekly basis about how Pappaw did something or the other in the garden.

Robin, have fun in Florida. I can't believe you are finally going to make the trip. How long have you been trying to get away...two/three months?

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Fishermen yea Meagan love that big smile! You and Davin did Good along wih rest.

Can't wait to see the next post love these vacations.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Fishermen yea Meagan love that big smile! You and Davin did Good along wih rest.

Can't wait to see the next post love these vacations.

Doll Clothes Gal Pal said...

Great catch Meagan! After all these years huh? :) Fishing is a really great way to bond with the family.

klham said...

Fishing was what i was looking forward to most this trip, im sad i missed it and Meagans big catch. My vote is for the lake house again next year!