Friday, July 9, 2010

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation: Part 3

Not everything we did on summer vacation centered on the water...but our favorite indoor activity did have to do with 'pool'.

I just love this picture that Bri took of the game room as seen through the mirror! She is so creative with my camera.
We spent whole evenings playing 3 ball and 9 ball tournaments. Not to mention the afternoons filled with teams competing at 8 ball.
Brian was our pool shark and resident DJ. For some reason, if a hot game of pool was underway, the tunes always got turned up on the sound system too.
Here is Will helping Kelsey learn how to shoot with a bridge.
Jim showed the young pups a thing or two himself.
I managed to advance in a round of 3 ball with just 4 shots once. However the next round I couldn't get ANY balls in the pocket with 10 shots. I am just not good with the geometry! (That was the class where I tried to garner My Hero's attention all those years ago. Sorry, Mrs. Berkley...some things are just more important than rays and intersections and obtuse angles.)
We were especially thankful for the billiards table when the rain bands from Alex set in on us our last few days at the lake. It made for some great family competition!


Allen and Rita Smith said...

Geometry wasn't my strongest subject either, but I do love to play pool. I was so disappointed when Aunt Patsy got rid of her pool table. Allen & I have been wanting one for years. It's a great family game.


Robin said...

okay...who's Kelsey? Not sure I have heard of her and why not?

Anonymous said...

I'm with Robin.... who is Kelsey? The vacation looks great, where exactly were you, I didn't see any oil on the water. You said "lake". I love all the pictures. Aunt Fran