Friday, July 30, 2010

I've Been A Bad Blogger

I met my friend, Robin, for dinner last night. We try to get together for 'catch up time' at least once every six to eight weeks. We usually see each other more often than that for events or outings...but nothing beats 'catch up time' for me. Time to just sit over a leisurely meal and talk about all the things that have been going on in our lives without a scheduled event to interrupt the conversation.

As we were preparing to part ways, she mentioned that I had issued a summer challenge and then NOTHING...for over a week. (Everyone needs at least one friend who will call them on their BS.) She was kind enough not to call me out for it on the blog...though I think she has a post in reserve that just might be up before I finish this one.

So, for Robin (and everyone who takes the time to read this blog) this is my 'catch up time' post:

This past Friday I finally made time to see my stylist. Thank goodness, because our time at the lake house had done some serious damage to my hair. The sun and the pool chemicals had combined to make me ultra blond on the top. After two and a half hours of beauty treatments (lowlights, highlights, cut), I was told that I might need to consider wearing a hat while I am out in the sun. Really? I spent this much money on my hair and you want me to put it under a hat? Besides, I don't look good in hats!

Saturday morning I got up early to pick up my mother from the airport. She flew in for the weekend. (Saturday to Tuesday) She had been wanting to visit all summer but our schedules just never worked out. Last Tuesday, when the specials came out, I called her and asked if she wanted me to get her a ticket. It meant flying out of Monroe at 7 AM on Saturday and flying back in at 8:30 PM Tuesday night...but at $120 a ticket versus $940 for any other flight was worth it.

Meagan and Davin came out to the house Saturday afternoon to visit with Grammy. Davin got a new four wheeler for his birthday. He had outgrown his first one and needed a larger one. He spent most of the day riding around the yard.

Meanwhile, I had Christmas in July going on at the house. Our patio door had gotten off track several months back and needed replacing. We have to order all our replacement parts since mobile homes are always just a little bit off sized from the items you find at Home Depot or Lowes. We decided to change from sliding glass doors to French doors. While I was ordering the doors, I decided to go ahead and get some other parts for needed repairs. So, on Saturday, Josh came over to help Jim replace the patio door. When they finished with the door, Jim and Josh asked me what else we had in the box. They ended up (with the help of Brian and Will) replacing two faucets, a vent hood and hanging five new sets of mini blinds!

That night, we enjoyed a delicious home-style meal. A pot of purple hull peas fresh from the garden. A mess of fried squash, also fresh from the garden. A pan of homemade cornbread. Cajun fried wild turkey breast. Delicious, if I do say so myself. Livin' off the land ain't so bad!

On Sunday we celebrated Davin's birthday with the Rodgers family. It was a small family gathering with pizza and swimming. (And in case your wondering, no , I did not wear a hat.) Kelli, Brooke and Maddux came over to visit with Grammy before the party...and then we headed out to Cypress. It was a nice, relaxing day.

Monday I had my dreaded annual mammogram (not fun) and then I had to get into the office for payroll.

I took off work on Tuesday to spend time with Mom and the girls came over with the grand babies. We had homemade broccoli and cheese soup for lunch with turkey spinach wraps. The kids played, the adults visited, and then it was time for me to take Mother to the airport. You can never predict rush hour traffic, so we left in plenty of time for her to make her flight. We were early (having not encountered any traffic jams), but of course, her flight was hour and a half late! I sat with her until she should have been heading to her gate. She decided to go on through security and get something to eat before her flight, so I headed home. (The only thing you can get to in Terminal B is a Starbucks unless you are a passenger!)

Wednesday was a busy day at work, catching up from missing Tuesday.

Thursday morning was spent running all over Waller county to get car registrations taken care of and contact lenses picked up...oh yeah, and having my water turned back on. This is embarrassing to admit...but, for the first time in YEARS, I had my water turned off for non-payment! I never saw the bill...never missed the bill...and evidently, these small town water districts don't work the way the City of Houston does. They disconnect service for the first missed payment! Oh well, lesson learned! I will not be late again. I am even considering paying them ahead of time. I mean the bill is usually less than $50 a month anyway. Jim told me to just pay them for a year in advance! Thank goodness he had a sense of humor about it all!

Yesterday was pretty busy at the office. We had a few new jobs come in and we are celebrating. It has been a slow year so far.

And, you know the rest...dinner with Robin, then home to bed.

I am heading in to work in just a few minutes. We have a baby shower today for a co-worker who is having a little girl in September. Tonight I am making pickles. It will be my first time to try it. I used to help my Grandma Fulton...but the word 'help' is used very loosely. Jim wants some hot dill pickles, so I am going to try my hand at them. Tomorrow Jim, Bri and I will be leaving for San Antonio. It is PBR time again. This is Brianne's 21st birthday gift from us. I am looking forward to spending some time with her and her daddy. that I have caught you up on my life, I realize I have been monopolizing the conversation. What has been going on in yours?


Paige said...

Wow, hopefully I'll get to visit in September!!! When I come I want some of that good ole home cooking dinners too! Fresh veggies from the garden. I hope ya'll have fun at the PBR. mom and I were just talking about going to another one of those! We really enjoyed the last one we went to! Well lov ya'll and see ya'll in the next couple of months. Hopefully I'll know what the baby is by then!

Allen and Rita Smith said...

Well, I was up at 5 a.m. so I could get your mom to the airport by 6 a.m. for her 7 a.m. flight. Then I kept my make up and clothes on so I could pick your mom up at 7p.m. which turned into 9:30.

I heard your turkey roll ups are wonderful. Send me the recipe.


Fonda said...

Thanks, Rita! If it helps any at all, it takrs me longer to get from my house to the airport than for her to check in and fly down here!

Allen and Rita Smith said...

Yes, it does make me fell better. ha ha